Hi Everyone ….. Welcome back. Here is my intentional artwork completed. It is very different then what I have done before and that is exciting. I have never even thought of all of the different states of consciousness until recently. It must have effected this art greatly because it came to pictorialize a cosmic consciousness. There is no hard fast rule to any artistic endevor but I think personally it’s best if you cover up your intention fully with an image so your intention can move beyond the confines of the English language. As they say ….. A pictures with a thousand words ….. Haaaaaa ……, so on that note I will say thank you for joining me for my process of creating and working with intentional art therapy. Hopefully it has inspired you to do one of your own. If you like to work with me personally in a workshop…. You can go to the link below if you want to read more or contact me directly at info@art4wellness.com.

Think Quantum, Be Creative

Donna Marchesano.   art4wellness.com

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