CoCreating your intentions

hi everyone thank you for being here. On Friday morning I had an amazing Qi Gong class with sticks.( or long poles). I mention this because the instructor who is an accomplished practitioner of many years said to the class ” Remember as you become aware of the Qi of everything around you and in you …. Remember,  you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being immersed in s human experience.” That was originally said by a Franciscan Monk who’s name escapes me at this moment. Looking at life though the eyes of that perspective really does allow you to expand yours. Your desires or intentions for yourself must be in line with what is good for you….. And remember you are connected to everything else so your intentions should be good for the whole body as well as the individual you body. At this time I am going to quote from a book by Deep Chopra which refers to the First out of seven principles that is outlined in this wonderful book called ” The spontaneous fulfillment of desire” .  It is a favorite book of mine and I have been a practitioner of the Principles and their corresponding sutra’s and statements daily for over six years. I highly recommend them … They are printed in the book.

I quote from the book ” The first principle: You are a ripple in the fabric of the Cosmos”

” The first principle of synchro destiny acknowledges the underlying intelligence that gives rise to my body, your body, and the universe as a whole-everything from stars and gallaxies to subatomic particles. This conscious intelligence field is the wellspring of the cosmos. It is the extended body we all share; it connects us all. The core of my being is the core of your being, and the core of all beings.

You and I and the universe are the same. I am the universe, localized in a single human being. You are also the universe, localized in your body, reading these words at this particular moment in space-time. We both exist only as particular ripples in the conscious intelligence field. Every aspect of ourselves is articulated and orchestrated by this boundless nonlocal intelligence, the endless sea of consciousness from which you and I and the universe arise. Even our thoughts, our wishes, desires, or dreams are not technically OUR thoughts, wishes, desires or dreams. They are manifestations of the total universe. And when you realize that the INTENTIONS and desires that arise in you are the very INTENTIONS of the universe, you can relinquish your desire for control and let the miraculous life you were born to lead unfold in all its unimaginable magnificence.

Once you understand this premise, you will understand the sutra of the first principle of synchro destiny. The core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exits. As simple as this sounds, it’s depths can take a lifetime to plumb, and the meaning for our lives is profound. When we fully understand this simple  sutra, everything becomes possible because everything already exists within us. You and I are the same, and each of us is the infinite being projecting a particular point of view-your point of view and my point of view. My self is inseparable from all that exits. Just as your self is inseparable from all that exists.”

… I don’t think I can say anything else he has such a clear way of presenting this concept.

With that I will say …. Till next time

Cresting great days in always,

Donna Marchesano


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