“the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see”

hello everyone thank you for joining me again.

there is a song by Cristopher Cross and it’s called sailing… If you have ever listened to the words of this song you will feel that you are in the moment sailing with him. As an artist it has been an important song to me for it was my first little paradigm shift as a young woman at the age of 13. My brother Paul gave me that song… He told me it was mine. I said to him at the time ” huh??? I don’t sail … This is the song you want to give me? He said ” Donna … Hello your an artist … the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see!” He heard the song and thought of me …. I heard the song and thought of someone sailing.  His words gave me my first paradigm shift. When I saw the song through his eyes my perspective changed and I had my first remembered ” ah ha” moment. And wow …. look how right he was. By immersing myself in the creative process and taking the leap of faith years ago the canvas did do miracles and I am now free from Crohn’s disease which I was told by every doctor is impossible. Well to that now I say…. It’s fun to do the impossible.

With that said I dont want to leave you all out in the cosmos to ponder the concepts of the last blog so let’s tie it into creativity and the reason for this blog to begin with; The power of the co-creative process and its ability to help you move your intentions to reality as I did when I moved my intentions away from the disease process and back to balance.

Ok let’s be creative and take something simple… Learning to flex your creative muscles using a shift in perspective.

I have been saying this for over ten years ….. It is not possession that is nine tenths of the law , it is perception.

Ok let’s say your desire is to take time for yourself every week. Let’s say its one hour a week. You have been trying to do this for a very long time but there is your job, your kids, your spouse …. All vying for your attention. This goal of yours …. If you think about it is a really important goal …. You know it will keep you centered and nourish your spirit. And it probably is your spirit tugging at your sleeves to pay attention to it, nagging you to make it happen. A creative approach to this problem would be to change your perception of time and how to spend it.  A paradigm shift would be necessary for you to attain your goal. ( a paradigm shift is a shift in vision or perception) The creative process is a natural process that allows you to tap into your wisdom within and experience that paradigm shift so you can utilize creativity to solve a problem.  If you look at the creative process, nature for instance, you will see that nature does not use competition to move energy it uses cooperation. If you want time to nurture yourself try not competing with time ….. Try cooperating with it. Think of time as nuturing. Change your perception away from you not getting what you need to you having enough time for all the elements in your life to nurture you. Is it true that you don’t have enough time or is it true that you may need to change your habitual patterns and behaviors to create time for yourself and the people in your life? The act of being creative does require a leap of faith into the unknown. All great artists take risks. Try shifting your ideas about time. Meaning Try something different …. Maybe Try scheduling an activity that can be shared by one or more members of the family that’s fun and interesting that can be shared. Be creative and see if you can find something that can interest at least two family members and then schedule your alone time. By using a creative mind and asking for what you need and what is considered unity consciousness ( cooperation not competition) there should be an hour or two left over in your week to focus on centering yourself. Now you are creating synergy amongst the elements in your life. Once your family realizes how even tempered you have become because you have not only satisfied the needs of those around you but your personal needs as well, they will see the benefits and help you keep your new schedule which gives you time for yourself. When i suggest you immerse yourself into the creative process it could be any process that allows you to freely be creative. This is just an example of choosing a creative solution to an old problem instead of saying I can’t do it. Remember it is easier to try, then to prove it can’t be done.

Now flexing your creative muscles using two dimensional art with intention to elicit a new shift in perspective .

When I get stuck and can’t see a creative solution ( or I am told there isn’t one) I do a two dimensional piece of art work with the desired intention. This allows me to release the problem to a higher Source for a solution.  This is the leap of faith I have referred to in earlier blogs because you are not trying to reason it into reality …. You are allowing the conversation to occur with your true self or quantum self  by using your individual choice of line color and form to take place and then you let it go. By doing this you allow a Universal Consciousness to help you find a solution better than you can possibly imagine. If you do a two dimensional art piece and then hang it on the wall, it has been my experience the abundance of the universe will open the doors for you to ” notice” creative solutions that you might have missed before. When it is hung on the wall and you are viewing it daily you are absorbing this conversation fully. Being immersed in any creative process allows you to stay in the moment. During the act of creating that is all you can be is in the moment. Because you are immersed in the moment creating you are naturally tapped into your inherent joy, your birth right. Again I will state ( I hope I am not becoming to redundant) that while you are in the creative process, known neuroscience and now quantum physics states that your ego self beautifully and naturally gives up its first position dominance and allows the higher self ( God Conscousness, Source, Universe, quantum self ) to take the primary position and the ego self gladly sits in second position. The first position of the quantum self uses the imagination to form the conversation. This is very different then any other time other than when you meditate and you are allowing the space between your thoughts to elongate and therefore quieting  down the ego so it is not dominent in the first position. And it has been my recent experience of awareness that my ego is thankful to get the rest. I hear all the time that the ego is this or that…. That it is or can be paramount to a demon sometimes. I disagree, and I disagree because the ego has a very important role … Without it you would not be able to function well at all. It thinks in cause-and-effect modalities, it’s algorithmic, expresses itself through the voluntary nervous system( individual choice) and is alive when senses are active ….. Etc.  It does not have to be looked at as the enemy, I believe that the ego mind is in a learning process and though awareness can be a mirror of our higher self. We as humans are evolving and awakening to a higher levels of consciousness! It is fluid and beautiful. We are whole body, we are the made up of the intelligence beyond our comprehension, so why would we view any part of us as unwanted. Our ego is as much a part of the miracle that is us as our quantum material bodies are. From everything we have witnessed in nature and from the way nature works it makes no sense to me to view it in any other way other than part of the miracle that makes us human. This too should be in cooperation not in competition. You do not want to be without your ego, you want your ego to reflect your quantum self your true self and project that to the world. Ultimately aren’t we here to learn how to do just that?  And during the creative process there is a subtle awareness that you are not creating alone … That you are co creating with a higher consciousness . That higher consciousness … Love, compassion, inherent JOY ( easily attained in the creative process ) empathy, and equinimity. I don’t know of one working artist that gets deep inspiration from that which is not divine in some way shape or form. That which inspires you comes from the WELL spring of our pure potential where everything is already known and everything is possible. That awareness is ever present during the creative process. The great thing that I have learned about using two dimensional images to move intentions forward is that all the process wants from you is to bring an intention to it and then let it go and have fun. The act of Fun … Or putting your intention into ” play” frees the intention from being caught up in the confines of the spoken word ( no analyzation) and allows it to express itself in the pure potential conversation of line color and form.  I call this natures cellular conversation that is ours to have when immersed in the creative process and can yield results better than an individual can imagine.

If you have been following the blog then you know that I have instruction in previous blogs on how to co create an intentional art piece. Those of you in SF I will be doing a workshop on August 14 from 1:00-4:00 at The Artists and Craftsman Supply at 555 Pacific. I will supply the materials and the cost is $20. No art experience necessary. You can find it on Eventbright under health/ classes or search Tapping the Wisdom Within. I hope you can join me on Sunday.

( url connection is not working … Just google ” tapping the wisdom within gor tickets and it comes up …. thanks )

The workshops that are more intensive are done at my home with no more than four people. If you want to know more go to the link below art4wellness.com

I am pleased to be able to bring to you this simple yet effective way of tapping into that wisdom you already have. I am thankful for all the research that has been done in the last 30 years in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Quantum Physics that allows us to explore with clarity why this simple and effective process works. Thankfully I stand on the shoulders of giants, and I am thankful for my healing from Crohn’s disease and cancer. We never do anything alone ….. I think I am most grateful for that, for it has made me feel more connected as a thread in the cosmic strand connected to all other threads. I can only hope that this blog makes you also feel more connected to yourself and everyone and everything around you. When you live in the present moment as you do when you are immersed in the creative process you are allowing the pure potential of the Universe, the amazing intelligence that is at work in nature to be present with you, to nurture you; and in the Present moment lies the abundance of the Universe. If you choose to live in the present moment you are free of your habitual compulsions and patterns of behavior and free to co-create the life you want. The true you, the real essence of who you are, your quantum self, has the ability to emerge away from conditioned responses that have not served the real you well, and put you on the road of your greatest destiny.

Co-creating Great days in always,

Donna Marchesano  art4wellness.com


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