Quantum Activism

I submit that activism as it is currently practiced has two shortcomings. First, there is a noticeable lack of synchrony in its approach-lack of synchrony between what the activists put in thoughts and words and how they actually live and act. In other words, the activists lack moral authority. In this way, we see peace activists who preach peace but have no access to personal sonal peace. Their protests only polarize, rather than unite people in peace. We have environmental activists themselves lost in materialist consumerist ist pursuits that destroy the environment. And last but not least, we have religious activists resorting to one of the most antireligious activities-violence in the form of terrorism. Second, today’s activists have no new paradigms to offer, no new paradigm digm for conflict resolution or for bridging differences or for demonstrating why arts, humanities, and spirituality are important. In the absence of new organizing paradigms, no long-term solution to the problems we face emerges. And yet who can doubt the importance of activism today? We need social change, and we need activists to bring about social change. In the United States, with change in mind, we even elected a lowly former community organizer as president. ( this book was written in 2011. The establishment is not going to change of its own initiative; it never has. Instead, it tries to perpetuate its old ways, at best only making trivial changes for show. Lack of synchrony between what we believe and how we live is due to the incongruence of our belief system. What are we whose blood boils with activist energies missing in our plan of action? We want to be activists because we believe in some ideal world where justice prevails, peace prevails, love prevails. These are all idealist notions that can be traced back to Platonic thinking in the West and Upanishadic, Taoist, and Kabbalistic thinking in the East. They are part of a philosophy called monistic idealism-consciousness and its ideas come first, consciousness is the holistic ground of all being, and everything else, such as material manifestations, festations, is secondary. In other words, wholeness is primary; the material fragmentation of the manifest world is secondary. We have forgotten to live this fundamental holistic nature of our being. Today our activists, not unlike the purveyors of good versus evil, perpetuate the separateness that creates the problems we want resolved. We supposedly “battle” the perpetrators of the problems, negativity with negativity. Look at the language we use to describe our struggle. It is separatist; we have already lost the wholeness that we wish to accomplish. To a large extent, the reason for our collective amnesia is modern (pre-quantum) science, which is based on scientific materialism, the previously stated idea that matter, consisting of science, which is based on scientific materialism, the previously stated idea that matter, consisting of independent separate objects, is the ground of all being and all else, including consciousness, is secondary. (Never mind that scientific materialism itself is an idea.) The success of this materialist modern science in explaining natural phenomena and especially the success of this science’s offshoot, technology, ogy, in improving our lot is so enormous, so widespread, that our entire world culture has been overtly and covertly influenced by its underlying materialist metaphysics. Activists born and brought up in this materialist world culture cannot help but harbor conflicting metaphysical notions that bring about the lack of synchrony between their thought, speech, and action. While doing a story on Gandhi, a news reporter was quite impressed that While doing a story on Gandhi, a news reporter was quite impressed that the leader spoke at huge gatherings without consulting any notes. When he asked Mrs. Gandhi about this, she said, “Well, us ordinary folks think one thing, say another, and do a third-but for Gandhiji they are all the same.” Well, we cannot all be Gandhi overnight, but we can adopt a practice toward that goal. This is what quantum activism is about. The scientific (re)discovery of God and the elucidation of what God is are part of a paradigm shift going on in science from a science within the primacy of matter to a science within the primacy of consciousness, from a materialist metaphysics to an idealist metaphysics. The new paradigm rests on two metaphysical assumptions. One assumption is that consciousness is the ground of all being. This one is age-old, assumption is that consciousness is the ground of all being. This one is age-old, the basis of already mentioned monistic idealism, or perennial philosophy. But our second assumption-that that quantum physics is the law of the dynamic movement of possibilities from which consciousness manifests the worlds of our external and internal nal experiences-is what makes the new paradigm a scientific one. And it is this assumption that opens us to a new avenue of integral living and can guide us in how to institute both individual and social change. To embrace this new integral way of living, in which the goal is to achieve congruence between thinking, living, and livelihood, is one of the avowed objectives of quantum activism.

From the book …. how quantum Activism can change civilization ..by Amit Goswami

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