Fine tuning your perception

hi everyone, thank you for being here

Every now and then I am reminded to check my perception. A sculptural representation of me in the world and the world in me. I urge you to fine tune the perception of what in wisdom traditions has been called the third eye.

Remind yourself,  it really is an abundant universe and that the only thing that this world wants for you is the very best….. Once you open your eyes that there is unlimited potential of possibilities for wonderful things to happen to you, they do. If you do not acknowledge that something exists, how are you going to see it? When you acknowledge that this unlimited potential exists for you is when you are able to see that abundance reflect into your life.

Take a very good look at your self and your world and gently make the changes that you think will bring you closer to living in balance. I use the word ” gently” as if you were you own mother/ nurturer. Nuturing is gentle so be gentle. Give yourself the space you need and the time to make those changes gradually …… They will become a part of you like a second skin instead of just a band aid with a weekend warrior  approach. So look with a loving eye ….. Without judgement…… And then allow yourself the space for change.

Treat yourself to learning something new. Learning something new is always a good place to start. Recently my room mate and I are learning a very old and respected martial arts form. The picture above is a class with the son of a famous father teaching my roommate. In creating change for yourself, for goodness sake be CREATIVE and have FUN….. Change doesn’t have to be dreary or boring ….. Spice it up!  If you want to eat healthier learn how to make things that you like ..or perhaps why not take a cooking class? Or what I did recently is really took a look at what would work for me at a favorite restaurant. Eating out has always been a challenge for me. I am getting much better at asking to change the menu with in reason. Now I can still have the experience of eating there and feel comfortable that I am not jeopardizing my goals.

Be grateful and thankful for all you have …. Do not be afraid to give with generosity of spirit and then sit back and allow this abundance to fill you back up with your hearts desires… And please don’t be afraid of change or be afraid to change. It is as FDR said years ago “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

So today I am going to check my perception, my perception about myself and my relationship to the world around me. From there I will look to see how I can make the space necessary to invite that which brings me one step closer to my hearts desires. I hope you will join me in taking another look at your life and see what nurturing thing you can do to take you one step closer to your own natural balance.

Have an amazing day everyone …..

Creating Great Days

Donna Marchesano  art4wellness




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