Take care of yourself

hi everyone ….. Thank you for being here with me again. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend filled with the colors of spring.

Now that you are back into the grove of your routine i am going to remind you to “take care of yourself”. Isn’t that an interesting statement. Take care of yourself…… What does that really mean? For me it means giving yourself the opportunities to experience nurturing on many levels. And when you experience caring for yourself on many levels it expands to have wholistic effects on the body, mind, spirit and heart. The bonus is when you get really good at taking care of yourself you become very good at caring for others.

You take care of yourself by giving your self the opportunity to be heard and to be nurtured. Your internal dialogue is compassionate and reassuring. You become relaxed in the idea that you are evolving into a higher being and that it’s the journey …. Not the destination that is important. You give yourself food that is nourishing and you give yourself supportive emotional input. All this you can do by taking small steps everyday until it becomes natural for you to take care of yourself. All these things you have the ability to do for yourself. You do not need anyone else to nurture you, you know exactly what you need, you know what you want. Wether you listen to that need or want is again up to you. Then when you add inspiration that is intellectually stimulating and a practice of meditation that opens you up to be in touch with your spirit, the real you. You will lack for nothing.

These are choices you make for yourself. I know this is easier said then done but it takes practice. Though once you decide to become a practitioner of self care it will be become much easier. I have been trying to loose my extra weight for many years. I have had large weight gains when I lived on prednisone for almost ten years. Now all these years later I find that there is damage that has taken place and I must loose the weight if I am going to have a shot at keeping my joints. The good news is as a practitioner of self care now I have learned how not to gain weight. I am half way there…… Now I just need to understand fully that my body really does take care of me. Now I am the one that needs to get out of my trueself’s way and let go.

So here I am writing this blog. My intention is to loose 60 pounds this year and stay healthy doing it.  It was one of my intentions in my Intention Art piece that I did with you. Low and behold a free meditation on ” Shedding the Weight started last week. It is Deepak Chopra and Oprah that are sponsoring it. I have found it enlightening and poinient for me when Deepak is talking. So again….. is it just a coincidence that this free meditation came to my attention? Of course not…… And what is very comforting to me is that I feel supported by the Universsl Mind ( God consciousness, the Source, etc. however you wish to experience the divine energy) every time I see these amazing coincidences. For me shedding my weight is an urgent prescription that is necessary for my ability to have good quality of life and health. I feel that these tools are now available for us to understand and put into practice. So with that said I am wholeheartedly grateful that the information I need has come to me. It came to me when I needed to find a solution to my skin cancer ….. That’s gone and now the information I need to continue to be successful has also come and will keep on coming. It really is an abundant universe.

I hope you are understanding where I am coming from. I am not unique …. I am just like you …… When you align yourself to the Source of creation itself, you activate your higher self. When you give your higher self the opportunity to be creative, you open up the doors to attract what you need and want. You open the doors to make different decisions and choices.  I have been doing this since 2006. That’s when I started co-creating on my own with just a leap of faith. Since then thankfully help came to me thtough all sorts of places and people for moving beyond Crohn’s disease and cancer.

Again I am not unique. If you choose to align yourself with a higher power and become a practitioner in mindfulness, meditation, co- creativity, self compassion, love, kindness, ruminating peace to name a few of higher tenents  you also will be able to tap into the wisdom that lies within you and around you. Remember it’s about trusting your instincts ( higher self ) and when you do that you are stepping with a higher power. Remember you can take that leap of faith and trust your instincts because your bodies amazing intelligence  really ” takes care of you ” it just seems when your perseption is linear that it appears you take care of it. So allow yourself to be sculptural beyond limitations. Allow yourself to take that leap of faith. Give yourself your allowance and walk in line with creation itself. If you co-create your experiences in life with that higher power, you start to open the doors to the pure potentiality of your hearts desire.

Creating great days

Donna Marchesano  art4wellness.com


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