The law of attraction

hi everyone thank you for joining me.

Here we are ……. If you have spent time letting go of something you had been clinging to, then you have initiated the law of detachment to allow the law of attraction to be put into play. Ultimately, it is letting go of the fear of loosing something by the releasing of your clinging to it. Yes this is a fear based reaction, and anything based in fear lives in fear. Doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time …. Does it?

If you have just let go of something, you have created space between you and this thing in your life for something more in line with your desires to come to you. ( again it is just another form of the space between the stimulas and the response) It could be as simple as loosing the fear of asking for what you need from the people around you, to letting go of an old way of doing something or feeling a certain way.  Think about when you clench your fists to hold onto something you are tense, but when you let go you relax.! This is very important to understand if you have problems relaxing fully and completely. As you let go you relax. And guess what when you relax you let go…… It is a win/win for you and your body. Also I want you to consider this…. When you let go of something or a way of thinking that is not quite right for you, you are saying to the universal mind at large that you have no fear of letting go because you reflect an ABUNDANT mentality and not one of scarcity. By letting go you allow the full abundance of the Source of all that exists ( which you can easily see that amazing abundance when you consider all of the creatures in nature big and small) to come to you, by clinging you are acknowledging that there is not enough to go around and that is why you need to hold on to whatever it is. An abundant mentality not only brings you what you truly want but it’s way more fun then walking through life being frightened not only to give but to live.

How to do this…..? Whatever you think will work for you. I have had success with the things listed below and if you incorporate at least 20 minutes of meditation with any of these suggestions it will be much more effective. ( meditation helps you let go of the chatter in your mind and helps give you access to that space between the stimulus and the response where change for the better occurs. ) Give yourself a spa day at home, shut off the phone and the videos and tv, put on some relaxing music and get in touch with yourself. Invest in an class where you can explore your creative side. Book yourself a half day in the park surrounded by lots and lots of green. Get to the beach for a couple of hours. These are just suggestions for you to do something wonderful to get you to keep more in touch with you. Do it for you and everyone around you.  Do it with the intention to let go of old conditioned responses to issues in your life so you can move forward with a renewed perspective. It is time well spent and a deposit into your health savings account. Start saving now for your health in retirement. Remember the old saying….. Wishing you Health ( first ), happiness and prosperity with the time to enjoy it. Health is sculptural not linear because we are sculptural not linear, it must be addressed from all perspectives; ( (physical quotient, intellectual quotient, emotional quotient, and spiritual quotient.); the PIES of you.

What happens when you initiate the law of detachment? You also put into play the law of attraction. So relax …… Let go……. And then be open and pay attention. Believe that the best is yet to come to you and that the power that exists in this world is in sync with you and for you. If your desires are in line with what is inherently good for you, then your desire will come. In other words if you are an alcoholic with a serious problem and your desire is a drink the likelihood of you getting it gratis is slim to none but the likelihood of you running into a friend who shares he is going to an AA meeting and invites you to go with him is high.

So try letting go and relax. You will soon see the wonderful abundance that truly makes up our world. You need to be open minded and prepared to see it come from a place you least expect it. Or at least that is how it may look from your perspective.

wishing to you all the experience of your hearts desires …… Be well.

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano



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