The law of detachment

Hi everyone, thank you for being here with me today.

I am back from my retreat of sorts. I needed this past week to sort things out to heal. The importance of the law of detachment. It is in the letting go that we experience the following law of attraction. This week I have been reminded of that by a close friend of mine. A wonderful healer and a wonderful man and father. To heal himself he lets go of all the distractions in life that he can live without to accomplish the task at hand and heal his body. There is great wisdom in this. He knows that when he lets go, what he needs will be attracted to him. The other thing that happens is when you let go of some of the current” stuff” that constantly demands our attention…… Like shutting off cell phones and televisions …… The things that may distract our focus to the task at hand…… Your attention is placed on the intention for healing and you can hear better without the distraction. By hearing better I am talking about your inner self speaking to you through your full attention to your experiences. In other words….. Shutting off the stuff helps you pay attention to the nature that you align yourself to when you heal yourself. It seems to me it takes deep deep relaxation to help you heal. So he is very smart, he puts himself in a retreat of sorts, as much as possible because of his obligations and that is how he is able to heal himself. I am reminded of my cats…. Every time they needed to heal they deprived themselves of light and sound and distractions by lying at the bottom of the closer on a blanket or a soft fallen garment of  mine. By depriving themselves of the stimulation of their senses perhaps they are able to achieve that state of deep relaxation. So the next time you find yourself clinging on to something or even an idea that you are attached to try to  lose your fears and let it go. If it is truly for you it will come back to you all shinny and new.

Creating Grest Days

Donna Marchesano


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