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i did not want one more blog to go by without talking more in depth about the power of meditation. A daily practice is so nescessary for optimum health. It gives you another access to the space between the stimulate and the response…… It puts beautiful space between your thoughts that hold the pure potentiality of the universal mind. The space between your thoughts are the thoughts of the universe. That universal mind doesn’t use speech to speak with, it communicates and connects via that space. Now that is pretty magical stuff and the stuff that fulfillment of dreams are made of. Talk about abundance and level playing field, haaaa, everyone has access to it. Now you know there is no higher criteria then it is available to everyone at no cost. ….. The best things in life are free..…… Not to mention available at anytime. So if you want to tap into the wisdom of the universe to get well and stay connected to the ” Source” of all that exists try a cellular phone call through meditation. The non verbal cellular conversation you co- create when you meditate is a conversation with Creation and what an amazing connection that is. There are so many benefits to meditating even five minutes a day it is silly to list them. Just do it for 21 days and see the difference it makes in your life. Hello ………. Really ….. No one is that busy! And if you think you are then …. That my be one of your problems, and meditation would be a solution for you. I have a go, go, go personality and I used to think it wasn’t for me. But I learned that to balance my fun, let’s go personality, meditation was perfect once I gave it a chance to show me how it was to benefit me and the world around me.  It is such a kind gentle nuturing nudge in learning the wisdom that is right for you……. That it is crazy not to give it its due diligence. Your world will thank you for it.

I know a very gifted man who has an amazing meditation class at 3 o’clock to 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon at the Spiritualist Church ( 1901 Franklin Street corner at Clay in San Francisco) It is called  “Loving Heart Meditation” and Mickey Disend is your guide. He is very experienced. Please do not show up late if you would like to go. Group meditations I think can be very powerful especially for healing .

Even if you do not want to go to a class the benefits are so amazing it is really crazy for you not to practice. Why???????Meditation keeps you in the present and that is why it is a  gift that keeps on giving. So live in the gift everyday and your presents will become immeasurable. Talk about abundance !!!!!!

Try it … Do a simple one everyday for 21 days … Use that calendar reminder thingy on your phone …… Just follow your breath for five minutes. Some people like to do a mantra with it for focus. I found it helpful in the beginning. You can use the word ” So ” to inhale and “Hum” to exhale…. I believe it means ” I am ” in the Sanskrit/ Tibetan hybrid often used for mantras.

Your Morning Meds should be the time spent and connected to all that exists. The Meditation Capsule is the stuff of the universe …… Swallow that before breakfast and see how you feel! Oh and don’t forget to say thank you for your blessings. Ok, I hope I was able to inspire you to give meditation a place in your life …… Your life will love you for it. Mickey is right to call his classes Loving Heart Meditations because mediation is just like love; it is a gift that we all can experience, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. I’m going to have to join you on Sundays once I’m all settled in. That sounds like a great way for me to start meditating.


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