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today I went to the clinic to see my primary care physician. She was there at the time of the biopsy proceedure that was done in the dermatology part of the clinic. So she saw the incision and the wound after the biopsy. So today when I took off the bandage she was surprised and thrilled. I told her what I was doing and she agreed that the wound was healing and she thought that the likelihood of me having to have surgery is becoming lower. I started the treatment with the solution on January 27 th and I need to apply it for three and a half weeks. That brings me to March 22 nd. One down and one to go.

Now to address the knee joint and vascular issues. I had a stroke of luck happen to me as I was entering the main hospital at St Mary’s. I ran into the director of the clinic. He was perplexed why I still needed to use the cane. I proceeded to tell him that I was having trouble with the knee even though for the last two years , as the degeneration was happening, I have had no pain. ( that doesn’t make any sense to me) I proceeded to tell him my concern of needing surgery and that I was looking into ” the reason for the rapid joint deterioration in the first place”. He came up with an interesting idea. At St Mary’s clinic, because it is a teaching hospital, occasionally they will take a case to what is a panel of doctors from different disciplines. These physicians take a really could look at your entire body and come up with stratergies that address your concerns. He agreed to bring it up today to see if can be added to the roster of cases they are reviewing tomorrow. ….. Now that was something I had not concidered as an option for me. Meanwhile I have purchased some other  supplements to help my veins. Ginkgo, pine bark extract, and Diosim.

i had a much better day yesterday than the week before and today has been relatively pain free…. I am upping my intake of Vitamine C slowly and will add mineral supplements also to my diet….. By the way I started to use Glucosamine Sulfate, Condroitin Sulfate with MSM  by the Jarrow company today. I am hoping that to will give me some relief while I find a cure.

Oh before I forget …. One of the readers of this blog sent me a link to the use of avocado pits for use in osteoarthritis. Soooooo what I did was make three different infusions containing a dried ground up avocado pit and we shall see it can help with arthritis pain. I have made two topical solution as well as a fun oil based solution to be used as a dressing on food. I find that the pit is entriquing in taste and kind of fun to eat …… It packs something that I don’t usually experience in nutrition….. Needless to say that alone is fun. Yes I will be the Guinea pig. Supposedly my arthritis is sooooooo bad there is nothing to do but surgery. We will see if that is the case. I am not convinced it is. So the next time you pay that $1.00 -$1.50 for that avocado ( still can’t believe how expensive it is and they are grown right here ) don’t throw away the pit. Be open to the flavors of bitter and sour. They make everything you eat much more alive. Look what a lemon can do for fish dish for example. Well the avocado pit has a wonderful bitter and earthy taste and I hope using it topically will add some relief.

I have also been looking into what is referred to as Orthomolecular Therapy .it is the use of vitamins and minerals in higher doses to elicit a cure to different diseases.

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2 thoughts on “Got feedback

  1. The story of your bumping into the clinic director is so you, Donna, I would have bumped into him and never known that that’s who he is. But you’re outgoing and a networker, so you knew who he was. Sometimes our own natural gifts and efforts can help shape our fates. Bravo you.


    1. That is soo true and thank you for saying that…. because that is also what the blog is about. It’s about the journey of discovery in the synchronicity of it all. Especially now that the health care industry has been seriously been infused with a major dose of “reality” when it comes to healing …. and there is nothing the “they” can do about it. You seen my face when i got up this morning and the sore on my face was completely gone….. and i said wow, that worked!!!!!n Thank you for following I hope it helps other people to consider alternatives and integrative methods of health care. Please feel free to share if you think it will help.


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