In The Flow

Hi everyone …. Thank you for being here. Using your imagination to image your thoughts is the first step to connect you to your “conversation with your Quantum Self in line color and form”. Because the subconscious uses a different language to speak to you ( there was a surgeon who was just here on Saturday taking an intentional art workshop that reminded me of this), this image conversation is one that your quantum self within your quantum material body can understand. Why? Because to imagine … Is to be in the realm of pure potentiality …. And that is the quantum realm. So that cellular conversation I keep on referring to when an intention is launched in line color and form has a very good chance of being understood because your talking about creativity. Creativity is the stuff the universe is made up of. And how amazingly beautiful it is on a macro level as well as a micro level.

This piece has progressed. I looked up what actual vein valves sort of look like and incorporated into the artwork. I used arrows to show the blood rising through the veins effortlessly and painlessly.

The workshop happened to be with several people but the fact that there was a surgeon sitting at my table who did reconstructive surgery seems oddly poinient. Remember it deffinatly takes a village, we humans do not live in a vacuum and it has been my experience that we are connected to everything. With that said my next image I will use someone else’s art work to move my piece forward. There is a small image on the cover of an amazing book titled Quantum Healing, exploring the frontiers of mind/ body medicine. Seems appropriate to me so that is what I’ll use.

I just want to be clear…. I  use the word ” Quantum Self” in relation to our God Self. The intelligence of all creation. I choose to use it in relation to the body here because the Quantum Self speaks of the mind/ body/ God connection in a single reference for our Quantum Material Bodies. Remember ultimately our bodies are processes in consciousness not structures there for it all begins with consciousness.

Hopefully you are all having a wonderful 4th of July weekend and feeling the love.

Co-Creating great days,

Donna Marchesano 

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