Venous Sufficient

The creative portal….. Oh the possibilities are endless. That is the beauty of utilizing your imagination. Really putting your imagination to line color and form.

For the next step I desired to incorporate the rainbow as it is also represents the chakra colors. The heart chakra is depicted as the color green … ( red- root chakra, orange- sacral chakra, yellow- solar plexus chakra, green-heart chakra, blue-throat chakra, indigo-third eye chakra, violet-crown chakra…. Looks like a rainbow.   It felt so good to incorporate green along with the red. They are a favorite color combination of mine. I outlined the heart in the heart chakra color and added the word Qi over the letters “ciency” in green also. The word Qi means energy. I am not sure but I think I will use more green ….. I have decided that the name of the piece should be ” up in the flow” for no other reason then it made me laugh. Actually this whole piece is very humorous to me. If you are still scratching your head about why I am attempting to elicit change in this manner, then let me put it plainly. I have been labeled with venous insufiency since I was sixteen. As a creative individual I never realized how those words negatively influenced many thoughts I’ve had. Basicslly any time I was asked I have heard myself say over and over that I have venous insufficiency. Another words it’s a part of me so technically ” I am venous insufficiency. Here today with this piece of artwork as a start I intend not to be ” venous insufficiency ” but ” venous sufficiency”. So as of now I say ” I am venous sufficient. I will meditate as venous sufficient and I will continue to pursue whatever comes my way in the way of information to help me be even more venous sufficient. This is more than positive thinking. This is the first steps of a journey in change. By focusing on this I have but a space between the stimulas which is venous insufficiency and the response which is pain. The space that I am creating is the space where venous suffiency can be created because it is the realm of pure potentiality. It is the space that is referred to in many wisdom traditions. My job is to elongate that space.  Do I know how to cure this ….. No. Do I need to know how to cure this to start to elicit change …. No. Remember you and I actually don’t do the healing alone. Healing is Divine Energy. A higher consciousness that needs to be at work with us. It is important that you understand that you are not alone in this process. If you think about it …. If you were alone in this process it would be futile because right now there is no known cure. So you can’t do it by yourself. This is what I ask as a blessing for this intention. Please may it be better than I can possibly imagine so I know it comes from U. ( Universal God Consciousness).   Divine Intelligence  is the driving force that makes things work in all living things, and accessible to you in your quantum material body through your ability to place your attention to an attention. My job it to make the intention and then get out of the way and see where the that Divine Intelligence directs me to do to heal. You are joined with that intelligence if you choose to be. You are also separated from that intelligence if you choose to be ….. I have chosen to be aligned and will continue to be aligned to the day I die to be aligned in always.

sooo I had to myself ok …. What do healthy veins look like in your legs. So I went on line and looked at a couple of pictures of drawings representing healthy veins and valves …..I am adding that to the drawing.

By the way since I started this drawing I have been moved by different circumstances and people to consider AGAIN ( not the first time but I am listening this time) getting access to a pool and going as often as I can.


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