Hearts Desires

” Creativity is orchestrated through intent. Creativity occurs at the individual level, but also occurs universally ( the quantum level ) allowing the world to periodically take quantum leaps in evolution. So intent comes from the universal soul, becomes localized in an individual soul, and is finally expressed through an individual, local mind. When intention is repeated, that creates habit. When intention is repeated, the more likely it is that the universal consciousness will create the same pattern and manifest the intention in the physical world”…..excerpts  Taken from the book …. Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra

I am going to try and do the impossible again and heal the venous insufficiency I have created. I have been successful healing from Crohn’s, Lymphoma, Lymphodeema, as well as surgeries.  I am not going to analyse during this process just the opposite I am going to let my creativity of my local mind co create with my quantum self ( God consciousness. source, Universe , whatever you like to call that divine spirit) that resides in all of us.

today I added the heart…. My thinking on this was the obvious. You can not have venous sufficiency without it …. It is at the root of it as a noun as well as a verb …. I am using it here as both. I took bleeding art tissue paper ( yep that’s what it’s called ) and placed gel and water to put it down then decided to use just the impression and lifted it up. Next my thinking is the piece should be done in white red and blue … The Hamni healing colors that are used when Tibetan monks think in gamma waves. Ultimately the colors fuse as in the purple range of hues.  While I use the blue I will be playing with the idea of tapping into the universal intelligence behind the original blue print of  the quantum human mechanical body. I will use my imagination and allow my universal self to participate. My intent is simple …. To  now allow the creation of a non painful venous sufficiency in my body.  Cocreation drew this intent…  I can already see the end in mind. I am looking forward to the journey this takes me on. After doing this type of work so many times I know that a miraculous journey awaits.

If you like to join me …. Jump in the waters fine. I use watercolor paper as a base …. Artist tissue paper, acrylic an gel . Pick a subject you want change in, and start imagining that you and the universe are in sync with this desire and place the intention on the front and back of the paper. In this piece I am using the letters of the label of the disorder to bring it into order… Instead of saying I want to cure venous insufficiency … I choose to say nothing more than the desirous out come which is venous sufficiency. Try doing the impossible …. For those of you who have not experienced doing the impossible think of it this way….. It’s easier to try than to prove it can’t be done. To those of you who have done the seemingly impossible, think about how creative you were before the impossible happened…. Thank you for sharing your time ….

Oh I need to add this …..Every morning I wake up and light a candle for this or say this prayer….. Let it be better than I can possibly imagine so I know it came from YOU. There is only one source of infinite intelligence and it is that Divine Spirit that you cocreate with. It is that God Consciousness that we are apart of and therefor can tap into. That I feel is our birthright.

Creating Great Days

Think Quantum, Be Creative

Donna Marchesano.      art4wellness.com

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