Why is creativity important for health.

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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. – Thomas Moore

Why is creativity important? Because if you don’t get creative you can not solve an all ready existing problem. You can’t expect to solve a problem if you keep on throwing an old solution to it… You will only get the same result. So you must exercise your creative muscles or when life throws you those curves you will able to catch it and turn around and pitch it back on target.

When we investigate creativity (Goswami 1999), we find that creativity at the low level consists of finding new meaning, a shift of mental meaning from a conditioned old one to an inventive new one. This is called situational creativity. But at the highest level, creativity consists of discontinuous leaps in the context of thinking itself. This is fundamental creativity and consists of discovery because here we are discovering the fundamental laws of movement of the different worlds—already present in the compartment of consciousness called supramental intellect, which we have forgotten and can access only through intuition. In contrast, situational creativity is invention, accessible, at least in principle, to reason. Invention depends on the discoveries of fundamental creativity, but not vice versa. So the existence of fundamental creativity points us to the existence of the supramental intellect world. Note, however, that the supramental world is the reservoir not only of the contexts of mental meaning but also of vital functions and physical laws.

Today I would like to share with you the concept of the co- relationship between the ego self and the quantum self.  I am bringing this up because there has been so much talk on how the ego mind is separate and not equal to the quantum self. One I would like to say the two have different aspects of yourself. I would like to propose that they are not separate but bridged by consciousness. No they are not equal because one foot of the bridge is in reality ( local domain, the ego self, etc.) and the other foot of the bridge is in the non local domain, higher self, quantum self, pure potentiality, God consciousness, etc. ) but they are not separated either.

I just came from an amazing session at Power Hypnosis. Clearly the need for imagination to create was reenforced in today’s session. I was asked to “imagine “….. During today’s session. Over and over again I am reminded on this journey of mine that that by using your imagination you open up a gateway to understanding of your hearts desire. Almost every sutra statement I read prior to meditation, starts with the word ” imagine”. Nothing seems to happen unless first imagined.

I have been told many times….. The mind can not differentiate between an actual experience and a vividly imagined experience. If that is the case then any thing we vividly imagine over and over has the possibility to become an actual experience. In other words, a vividly imagined experience has the pure potential ( pure potentiality is an element of the quantum self ) to collapse into ” reality”. That is how the sutras are designed to work, one sutra ( with its statements imagined) (!almost all of the sutras start with the word ” imagine”) a day for seven days times a life time. It has been my experience that when immersed in imagining you move the chi energy of higher consciousness into action. That higher consciousness has then the potential to collapse into reality. I have found a very good practice in using sutra’s and their statements….. In my opinion sutra’s and their statements yield amazing transformational ability.

All in all, every time you use a creative option to an old problem the chances that you are close to a reasonable solution becomes higher. Open yourself to creativity and you will already have the creative door open for a creative solution to walk in the door. Find what floats your creative boat and start to express yourself through, art, crafts, dance, sculpture poetry, journaling, music ,,,, etc. By doing that you excersize your creative muscles as well as communicating with your spirit or quantum self.

Also open yourself to imagining what you want as well as a better word for yourself and the people around you. When it comes back better than you can possibly imagine ….. Then you know it came from God Consciousness or what Amit Goswammi has coined “the quantum self. ”

Creating great days, love in always

Donna Marchesano    Art4wellness



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