About Co-Creating Health Blog
Stability and flexibility are key for people who is on the path towards health and wellness. Creation is the key in the very first step.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.  You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine,  and at last you create what you will.”   George Bernard Shaw

The intention with this blog is to share examples and concrete guidance on how to take the first steps towards co-creating your own health.

For me, truly believing that I did have options and that there had to be something better for my future is what compelled me to try and correct the disease process in my body. Taking that leap of faith through the creative process is what has inspired me to move beyond what I was told was possible to what I dreamed was possible. The crux of that journey relied heavily on immersion into the creative process. My experience is what I will share with you. All four quotients, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual are all in ” play” during this cellular conversation that seems to by pass our usual dialogue that can detour us from our intended path.

My job is to inspire you to move beyond what you either tell yourself or have been told is possible. By challenging you to use the creative process with out analyzation, I am challenging you to use your imagination to create great days in your life.

About Donna Marchesano

Donna MarchesanoDonna Marchesano is a contemporary consciousness artist who creates intentional art for the purpose of healing. She is working with co-creating energy, sometimes healing energy, and she taps into a wisdom that she feels is a reflection of the world around her. She also teaches Intentional Art Workshops and classes in San Francisco. She has practiced intentional art throughout the process of being cured from crohns disease as well as through chemotherapy. She has been an artist in the field of commercial and fine art in San Francisco and New York since completing the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan.

“For me creating is a healing, sensual, and spiritual process of tapping into a wisdom space that I truly believe exists. I either sketch directly onto a canvas or i often take my sketch book out to determine the movement and the momentum of the work. Because of the amazing blessings I have witnessed, I strive to articulate, through my work , the inherent Joy i see in imagination. During my creative process, I either work from memory or from spontaneous sketching, still life, or photos (sometimes all three) and allow the present moment determine the direction of the piece. Music plays an essential part, from classical to jazz to rock; the end result is a product of the flow of being immersed into that spontaneous and unpredictable energy. Through years of work i have learned to harness this spontaneous energy during the creative process which allows me to intentionally co-create. I feel my work is not only a reflection of my intentions of healing myself and the world around me, but may also now be a voice of connected awareness that is just beginning to awakened in me. I intend my art to somehow share this awareness.”

Born in Brooklyn, New York, the art muse struck Donna early in life. Encouraged by her older brother Paul to look beyond her boundaries, she was painting and drawing by the age of 8. At 13, she was accepted to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. With a full art curriculum Donna was able to study under current working artists in the field of commercial and fine art. At the suggestion of her commercial art teacher, she accepted a position at an advertising agency on Madison Avenue and moved to Manhattan. In the beginning of 1984, while attending the New School for audio/video and computer animation she learned that her brother Paul, living in San Francisco at the time, was diagnosed with A.I.D.S. and needed her help. While assisting him during the last three months of his life, Paul once again encouraged Donna to look beyond her boundaries and move from New York to San Francisco. In February 1985, inspired by Paul’s words, she arrived and fell in love with the city. In the summer of the same year she opened a desk top publishing business and sold it to her life long friend and partner in 1988. In 1990 she opened her first retail store featuring handcrafted items from local artists, and in 2000 she purchased her second store specializing in wearable art and original designs. Due to a chronic illness, Donna was forced to close the stores in 2003 . By 2006 she had immersed herself into her art for healing and subsequently opened up the doors to wellness. In December of 2010 Donna was again to be challenged. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. ”

I believe that focusing on art work with the intent to heal, was the catalyst that has led me to this path of producing consciousness art, and also helped me manage through chemotherapy. The show * “Chemotherapy – A Retrospective” was my attempt once again to use the power of art to protect myself as well as to help heal myself. All the drawings were done at the infusion center during infusion. With much gratitude, love, and freedom I am able to move forward and paint with my soul untethered to disease and my heart open to my best synchrodestiny. I now teach art for wellness in San Francisco with the use of Intentional Art Therapy.

I celebrate and thank Mr. Alvin C. Hollingsworth, my first fine arts teacher at Art and Design for teaching me the tissue paper, acrylic, and gel technique. I not only paint and teach the same technique to spread “the JOY”, but now I also teach it with the intent to aid in the recovery of disease.”