welcome everyone thank you for joining me.

let me fill you in on the site of the suspicious sore that was to removed on March 10th. I is healing beautifully ….. I am afraid to stop using the solution just yet because I don’t want to stop to early even though it looks amazing. I think next week will make three weeks …. I’ll have to check. If I didn’t need to keep it covered I would not even have the bandaid on it. I find it wonderful that anything will work that fast…. I decided on postponing the surgery date to May 5. That gives me plenty of time to allow healing to take place. Then there will be no need for it.

Now for the problem of my limited mobility. I have taking two days completely OFF. Actually the whole week but it took the first two days to relax in to my special healing zone to ask the question…. What really can I do to help my body heal my legs. After much reflection and meditation I feel that just focusing on the joints , for me, is the wrong strategy. I also need to focus on the vascular system in my legs too. Both of these systems have been compromised in the past by strong pharaceuticals for Crohns and cancer and need mending. Thankfully I have  done a good job on many fronts over the years with diet and regular excerzise that I can once again help my body effect change for the better by paying attention to my body and what my needs are, even when that might mean changing some things in my life. It is a joy and a journey to participate in your own healing. It allows you to move out of an established comfort zone and be an explorer. All you have to do is stay aligned to the Soutce of all this magnificent potentiality. As you stay aligned you stay connected to it and are able to tap into it. I was shocked when I realized that I had painted the answer two days ago on a new canvas. I never even saw it until today. It seems I was getting ready to have the ” ahha” moment I came to about my veins being the initial cause of pain and not my joints.  Not the other way around. The pictorial of the answer was staring back at me from the canvas…I was focused on painting one idea never realizing that the idea held the answer to my question ” What was causing the pain I am experiencing”. Now that’s synchronicity in action as well as the power of art.  I will let you know what I find to treat my varicose vein problem.  I have tried treating it before but ran into a lot of problems with herbs like horse chedtnut, time for another go at it.

I also started to research about joint supplementation and found that not all glucosamine is created equal. It seems there are two glucosamine hydrochloride (GH ) and glucosamine sulfate. (GS), GH is the one found in products like ” Move Free” and from what I read may not have gone as well in trials as GS. So there seems to be an issue. From what I read the reason glucosamine got any bad wrap was because they used hydrochloride instead of sulfate and it seems the sulfate may be what is needed to be present for a better result. That was my take on the research. Do I have already tried “move free” so I decided to switch to a brand that has GS with Condroitin sulfate and MSM. Keep you posted. I also keep on reading about an herb called Zeel that is referenced a lot … Need to do more research.

I sm at home with my feet up …. Not much I can do until the pain subsides and I am able to walk even a couple of blocks. Till then I will continue to take higher levels of vitamin c … Titrating up to 6000 mgs a day and using garlic supplements and increasing that as slow as the doses will allow. Both are also good for vein health so that is a plus. I always take D3 in combo with K2 mk4, but during this healing from precancerous tissue I was glad I was taking SuperK combination from life extension because it is the mk7 that help get rid of abnormal cells.

Regarding the joint and vascular issues, I am confident that I will find what I need. It is an abundance universe. I have faith that there are amazing answers to these questions that are better than even I can possibly imagine. When that happens i know I have seen the amazing pure potentiality that is omnipotent power. This is what I refer to as God Consciousness which I understand is not only around me to experience in my environment including the food I eat but is also within me to experience on an intimate person level through the higher tenants of love, compassion, equinimity, empathy, and inherent joy, gratitude etc…

It has been my experience you can not heal from disease by holding on to grievances and or anger. You need to be free from blaming, free from feeling blame or guilt. When I read this for the first time I was happy to see that I was not alone in my thinking. Here I’ll leave you with the words of Deepak Chopra from the book Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. ” of course, the best way to have all your intentions realized is to align your intentions with cosmic intent, to CREATE harmony between what you intend and what the universe intends for you. Once that congruence comes into being, you’ll find that synchronicity takes on a larger role in your life. The best way to CREATE that harmony is by nurturing an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledge your gratitude for everything in your life. Give thanks for your place in the cosmos and the opportunity you have to further the destiny we all share. Part of CREATING harmony involves abandoning grievances. It’s only among us human beings that intention is do often encumbered by all sorts of emotional baggage. You must let all that go in order to CREATE a pure intention.”

Creating Great Days

Donna Marchesano




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