Clear Sailing

Hi everyone welcome.

Today I need to draw my inspiration from you, the world, my experiences as I walk through life today. For I am downhearted because of the pain I am in when I walk. I went through with having a total joint replacement done on my hip because of pain and necrotic tissue. I thought that would be it because my knees didn’t hurt at that time. Only after the joint surgery, out of seemingly no where, I started to experience pain in my knee. So world please inspire me today so I have the resolve to move forward towards my dream of no more pain.

I am very pleased with the results of the Vitamin C and DMSO combo with Aloe Vera gel as a buffer. The wound is healing very fast. The tissue around my nose and mouth have become irritated but it’s difficult to determine why and wether it is the solution or if it is the miriad of other supplements I have been using  for the first time. I will postpone the surgery date ( just incase it is needed) but it is looking really good under this band aid so I have every reason to believe that surgery will not be necessary. Now to heal the pain in my legs.

I have to admit though the pain I am experiencing from my knee has been nearly intolerable. That has made me weary, but I am hopeful because I found something to get rid of the precancerous wound on my face, so I just have to be patient and know that I will find what I need to finaly rid myself of leg pain and give me the freedom I need and want for pain free movement.  Wow if I could tap into the wisdom to do that, then I would have successfully healed using natural sources.

I want to revisit again the idea that olive oil is bad for you. I don’t know, the more I thought about it the more it didn’t quite make sense from what I have observed most of my life. Plus I am Italian, olive oil has been a staple in our house for years. Now I know that overheating olive oil can cause the oil to be toxic, but what if you opt to use it as a condiment??? And sesame oil has been used in India for thousands of years, talk about a track record. So I do not think that all the science is in quite yet. I appreciate the efforts of Doctors like Dr John McDougall, but I am not quite sure this new information sits right with my instincts. The good news is that I have dropped weight since I have been refraining from meat and oil. I rarely do dairy (I mean rare) and I eat as much organic fresh and lightly cooked veggies as I can tolerate. The bad news is my stomach has been very upset with damp conditions. That is not the best scenario I which to heal for about 72% of your immune system is in your gut. So I might get off of this very strict vegetable diet and incorporate 5-10% of meat and or oil. Thank this abundant universe for slippery elm bark and Culturelle ….. The best combo I know to dry up that damp condition I have created by this change in diet and supplementation. Slippery elm bark heals mucus membranes and Culturelle has lactobacillus GG, the most effective probiotic I have ever taken especially when I had Crohn’s disease.

Personally I have found that the green tea extract made me dehydrated… least the one that says triple strength .  Yes I tried it after a couple of cups of my usual green tea. Green tea is a natural diuretic …… So be careful to get enough liquids if your going to take the extract.  I have also been taking alicin ( garlic extract) …. It’s ok, but I fared better with a product called Garlicin, it is time released and it is a smaller dose than the one my friend bought for me. If anyone has questions for me feel free to contact me about the information here.

Cresting Great Days

Donna Marchesano



2 thoughts on “Clear Sailing

  1. Bravo you for keeping an open mind and trusting the inner wisdom of your body and your instincts. You have my supportive thoughts and prayers for optimal knee function and minimal knee pain. Is knee therapy guidance from a physical therapist an option?


    1. Yes it is …. I am in PT now. The pain has been so severe at times it is hard for her to treat me. Thank you for your suppor it makes s difference. I will continue to look and experiment. I heard of NEM …. That will probably be the next try depending on the cost.


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