the new paradigms in health

Good Afternoon everyone….. A rainy day in San Francisco. More than that a day a deep retrospect for myself. Another hurdle to jump for the sake of giving the old college try at healing the damage to my knees. As Yeves Montand stated in the song ….on a clear day…… We are so much more than surgeons can remove.

I would not even attempt this if I have not been already successful at healing my body before against what I was told to be impossible odds. So here is to this: that I am already experiencing the cellular memory that my consciousness in mind body form wants to be.

I didn’t know quite what this blog was going to be about. I do now. It will be about the exploration of the new scientific paradigms and how that might relate to you and me in the process of being successful at healing ourselves.

i am going to undertake this journey. I am going to call this journey Consciousness Level 540 from the map of consciousness in Dr David Hawkins book Power vs Force.

Physicist Amit Goswami askes the question in the book Quantum Doctor “Can we heal ourselves? The answer he says is Yes provided we approach healing as art. ” “Really ….??? I couldn’t help but murmer to myself. My question then is ” how far do you immerse yourself in this creative process? This blog will exploring that question with me once again tapping into that wisdom that lies within and hoping for again miraculous results.So this will be a blog of my journey living and trying to heal myself by taking the quantum leap of faith by believing that I can experience the cellular memory of perfect human rythums that my consciousness in mind and body form really want. This blog will serve as a tool to help you understand how I even got this far and why I think I can heal my body. This  blog will also help to try to put these new paradigms in service.

If you think I am crazy, think again, I suffered from severe Crohn’s Desease for over fifteen years. I do not have the disease any more. I expected  to go into remission, but I have been in remission before and this is not what I am experiencing now. I am experiencing no cellular memory of Crohn’s disease . It just does not exist any longer in me. What I do have left is the damage caused by ten years of prednisone use and being subjected to all of the drugs that were available at that time for Crohn’s disease.Then finally the last drug pushed me to the point of being very ill and house bound. That is what I am looking to change because ultimately I am not that. Fait accompli: I am experiencing the cellular memory of perfect order that my consciousness in mind and body form truly want.

I will be exploring all of the things I did and all of what I learned from that experience of healing fron Crohn’s disease to try and bring me to the cellular memory of health that I want now. The cellular memory that has no pain,  just joy. Yes, for all you budding scientists out there,  I am looking for the downward causation of healing to occur and I am going to use being immersed in the creative process to try and get there. All the science in this new paradigm says that consciousness is the bridge between the non local and local domain, I ask then what traverses the bridge? It has been my experience that being immersed in the creative process is a viable vehicle to traverse the bridge.  So I will speak to you as best I can about these new paradigms and three different disciplines that I believe are the answers to some riddles. Mostly I will be quoting leaders in neuroscience, quantum physics and consciousness and how these new paradigms really show you how you can effect your health for the better.

First thing I have been doing is meditating and imagining I am living in the space between the stimulus and the response….. For that is where change occurs.  From here perhaps it is possible to take that leap of faith to level 540 where the healing takes place.

Hopefully I do not get weary

Donna Marchesano

Intentional Art ;




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