Re Thinking ur space

Ok here we are…… As I reflect on how I was successful the first time around I realized that I had created a several unique spaces that were my go to spaces.  It was a place that my imagination could be utilized for healing. To attempt to live in this place of imagination ( of course our intent is to facilitate the downward causation of healing)  and see change for the better while it is occurring; you need to create a physical space that reflects your intention. It could be a small space, a room, any space will do that can be decorated and where you can let your imagination fly. Understand that this is going to be fun. You nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying. Continue with all medications, doctor appointments, etc. because what you will be changing here is you. More correctly your perseption. The best way I know to do that and have what is called a shift in vision or a paradigm shift, is to have fun and be creative with your healing process. This is your healing space.

fisrt things first ….. Creating the physical space that will enhance your mental space.

I have only recommendations, your space can be anything that works for you. It should envoke feelings of love, compassion, joy, friendship, and by all means INSPIRATION. Anything that inspires you to feel lighter in spirit and happier in your heart. By all means use color, photos of people you know and people you admire, objects that just evoke feeling of being playful and nurturing.  Example, I was on a Stanford panel at a conference with a woman that had lived beyond extreme obstacles by turning her hospital room into her own space. She had her doctors and nurses get into character to support her imagination by wear badges and I think hats or something like that before entering her hospital room. She survived in that sterile environment for months under extreme conditions and survived beyond all expectations by creating the what she needed to survive and thrive. She tapped into that wisdom that was with in her.

Victor Frankl who survived beyond all odds made an indelible mark on my psyche when I was at my sickest with Crohn’s disease by saying this. “Between stimulus and the response is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

This is your space…… This is a physical space that you will occupy that is a reflection of your consciousness. I have changed one of my rooms to reflect living in level 540, the level of consciousness that Dr David Hawkins refers to in his book Power vs Force. if you read the book , which I recommend, you will read that many different facets of human development are necessary to get to level 540. Love, compassion, forgiveness,etc. higher facets of human consciousness need to be in place……… Since I have created this room, I have started to become more forgiving and more compassionate not to mention more determined to try to do again what I am being told is impossible.

Have fun with this space you will be spending time there in mediation as well as in play. Go to a second hand store and see what grabs your attention. Do not spend a lot of money doing this it is not necessary because it may change as you do. It is there as a beautiful reflection of who you are and want to be. I also highly recommend things that make you laugh.

This will be only one of your spaces but a very important one.

Have fun ………….look around you…. Be inspired………create your space.




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