Learning to create

Learning to be creative on many levels in your life is easy and fun. I am not talking about drawing and painting in the traditional scence of the words, I am talking about making creative choices that help you make this space that you are creating for yourself more nurturing to you. Again I will remind you of this quote: “Between stimulus and the response is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Victor E  Frankl.

What we are doing here is drawing from this unique perspective to tap into this wisdom that we have to change our bodies response and therefore aiding the healing process.

Before I get to quoting an amazing author I am going to say this to all of you that was brought up to believe, like me, that my allopathic doctor has all the answers.

You and I can have exactly the same disease and be given the same drug. Yet both of us have totally different results or as I like to put it ” experiences. That is because both of us are different and one size does not fit all as you are all aware of. In our society where we are constantly being bombarded with stimulus our responses sometimes become dulled to what is right for us. You and I both have cell phones, I am not giving mine up just yet, but I have learned to shut off that thing I hold in my hand and turn on the cell phone that is my cellular communication with the cells in my body. I has been my experience when you are immersed in the creative process there is a cellular conversation that is happening that does not have to do with your use of words. It is a cellular conversation that happens on different level and in a different way. It needs no analyzation and all you have to is sit back,have fun, and enjoy the process. I do not know about you but when I suffered from a chronic illness that was dipilitating there was not much joy in my life. I lived to go to doctors offices it seemed. It wasn’t until I started to intentionally bring joy into my life, did the joy that I was seeking come to fruition. It wasn’t until I woke and lit a tea candle everyday to tap into the wisdom my body needed, did my world start opening up to the options that were available to me. This blog is called co- creating health for a reason. When you Co-Create you are creating with the knowledge that you are aligning your thoughts with the ultimate intelligence that exists and that you are a reflection of.  I am not talking about religion here or a belief in a religion, I am talking about the power that resides in all of creation and therefore resides in you. I do understand that this thinking is in alignment with most wisdom traditions. What links you to that creative process is consciousness. This is the new paradigm that is being supported by disciplines from across the board.

Here is this new paradigm that is being used for our purposes of aiding our bodies to better health.

“Think of an ocean and then think of somebody photographing one wave thinking that the photograph is the ocean. It is a frozen moment of attention, that’s what the body is.
All those waves that go up and down on the surface of the ocean, that is what the mind is but neither is the reality, the reality is the ocean itself. The reality is the ocean that is always there and it creates this mind form and expresses itself as a body etc.

The essential you, your real essence is a field of awareness that interacts with it’s own self and then becomes both mind and body. In other words, you are basically consciousness which then conceives, governs and constructs and then actually becomes the mind and the body. ” transcribed from a lecture by Deepak Chopra

It is a reminder of what is really happening…
My body and yours is a process in consciousness, it is not a structure.

This is the new paradigm. It is very different from what I was brought up to believe but it is what I know is true because it is the only explanation I have ever seen that supports my experience of healing from Crohn’s disease. From this paradigm I am hoping to share what I have learned in this blog….. We are explorers in this new paradigm. It will not be boring or dull because no self respecting cell would thrive under those circumstances, it will be inventive, creative, inspiring, and joyful.

Create a great day

Donna Marchesano   art4wellness.com




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