The Power of Creation

Hello everyone…..

We have talked about creating a space that is your very own space that you can be creative in, your own space to heal in, a space that will align you with the power of creation itself. I will talk today a little about tapping into that wisdom that lies within by using this creativity. Think about it …… We are the only species on the planet that is creative. Think about it…….. We are the only species that can tap into our imagination to create something. What does that mean to me, it means we are inherently aligned with the power of creation. That power lives within us. Why do we think it is childish to be in the creative process….. I can not do that anymore I don’t have time! I was like that as a kid but it doesn’t fit my lifestyle now. If you think like this you need to rethink . When you were a child did you ever pick up a crayon to draw before you cared whether it was good or not. Of course you did. You were perfectly aligned with your creative energy, you just picked up the crayon and used it. That spontaneous expression of creativity is the core of the creative process. Being immersed in the creative process allows you to be in the moment for as long as you choose to create. You are not hungry, nor do you care about the time….. You are in the moment and you are at that time in perfect sync with everything including your cells as well as what is called your vital body and your bliss body. All of the facets of your being are engaged when you are immersed in the creative process. You are expressing you in line, color and form. This is what I call a cellular conversation that you do not need a cell phone for. It is a reflection of who you are in another language that is read by your body, mind, spirit and heart. It has been my experience that in that reflection of creativity, one can tap into the wisdom within. So if you are willing to go on a healing journey with me then let me inspire you to use your imagination to create better health and happiness for yourself. Today I want you to realize we are creative beings because we have the power to create, and in that power to create lies that freedom that Victor Frankl talked about in his quote. Let me inspire you further. When you add Intention along with the creative process you create an alignment with all creation and enter into a realm of pure potentiality. If you are looking to get closer to having balance in your health you will have a better chance of accessing that wisdom by using the creative process. So get your space ready for you to use. Wrap your head around the fact that we really are more then surgeons can remove and relax. In the next blog I will talk about creating an open and receptive mind by using your imagination. Your imagination is unique to being human and to being creative.

Just so you know where I am coming from with my healing journey, I am going to try and change the chronic pain that I am experiencing in my joints after living on Prednisone for almost ten years. My feeling is if we are processes in consciousness and not structures as the new paradigm in science and health is stating, then I feel I should be able to change what has happened to my body. Perhaps I am undertaking this challenge because of the success I have had in the past.

Warm regards to all.

Donna Marchesano













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