Imagination for Wellness

It has been my experience that the roll of your imagination is very important for your overall health and wellbeing. Imagination is like an unseen muscle. It’s there but it just doesn’t exist technically in the physical realm. The good news for all of the adults out there is that it has the muscle memory that was utilized when you were a child. In this wonderful world of the imagination our potentiality resides. It has also been my experience that wisdom also resides there. When we use our imagination to make a creative response in a situation we tap into our inherent joy and that joy gets transferred to the outcome. I am not a neuroscientist, nor am I a doctor, but I have been successful during a process of healing. The one consistent ritual that I did over this period of time and since is to light a tea candle and say this …….”  Please let the outcome be better than I can possibly imagine so I know it is from You. ” The ” You” I am referring to here is the ultimate source of creation, that which I am asking you to align yourselves to, to co-create with.  Some people call this God, or the Universe others like Wayne Dyer call it the Source. This has nothing to do with religion but it is the “You” that is referred to in every wisdom tradition that I am aware of. I have no doubt that that power exists. When you see the veins of a leaf, a fabulous sunset or look into the eyes of a child you know that there is more to ” reality” then just what you experience through your sense of touch. Your perception is key to healing. Understanding that you can co-create by aligning yourself to this Source is in itself a powerful perspective. What we are looking for is what is called downward causation.

I will say this again and again…… Your perspective is key to healing. How you perceive your personal world is key to fixing it when it gets out of balance. Balance is your natural state, illness is you out of balance. I was sick for so long it seemed, that illness was my natural state, but that was not true. Once I started to change my perspective, the change that I was looking for came. Do yourself a favor and give yourselves the opportunity to imagine yourself in balance and in perfect harmony with that Source. That Source resides in you in every cell.

I had an auto-immune disease that effected my intestinal track and I became acutely aware that I was reading my environment inside and outside of myself with more than just my senses. It is extremely helpful to create that space that will be your go to space. From the last count I have read, 72% of your immune system is in your gut, and when you have a gut feeling  you are reading your environment and so is every cell in your body. When you smile every cell smiles with you……. Every time you frown every cell frowns with you. The “you” in that sentence is your consciousness. So it is very important when trying to move forward towards a healthy balance in your body, mind, spirit and heart that you bring your awareness with you. I’ll say it again ….it very important that when you are moving forward towards a healthy body, mind, spirit and heart you bring your awareness with you for your task ahead. Awareness is sculptural not linear, you are sculptural not linear, and the act of healing is sculptural not linear. Think sculptural not linear.

What I am asking you to do is to use your imagination to create a physical space that will be the space between the stimulus and the response for you. Remember that is where the change you are looking for resides.

Ok …. Now imagine that you can create not only your own space but your own doctor. I think physical representations of what we want are good for us to focus on. So with that in mind, I am next going to ask you to make a representation of this doctor. If you are so inclined to be very creative from the start you can go to a local sewing circle where kids make their own stuffed animals. That is just one way, if you are not feeling well and that is not what you can handle right now, go a store and get a stuffed animal and dress it up. If that is not possible then take a piece of paper and pencil and draw one, it could be even a stick figure. Take your time to create this representation of your Doctor. You can use what you have in your house it doesn’t matter …. This imaginary doctor will be the representation of the perfect doctor just for you. The only other thing you will need is a drawing pad. This is where you will journal and doodle. Or if you are artistic you can sketch but that is not necessary. Small sketch pad ….something like 5″x 8″.

Oh and please have fun creating your doctor. Mine is an owl I made at the Creative Canopy in SF yesterday that I call Dr Who? Ha …… Don’t get to serious ……It should make you laugh. If you have issues in your tissues laughter is great aid to help lighten up those issues. Also remember that you need to relax and realize that it might take a little time for you to heal those issues in those tissues so relax and understand that not all medicine comes in pill form to be processed by the liver. Wellness can be more tangible than illness.

i will leave you with this quote” If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Create a great day,

Donna Marchesano











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