The P.I.E.S. Of You

Hello everyone,

I am so glad you could join me again.

Let’s recap. I have asked you to create your own healing space. It could be as simple as a chair placed in a special spot or it could be a room that is yours to play in….. All is good. This is just your “go to” space where you can access your inner wisdom through your imagination. I have then asked you to create your own doctor. Here I would like to elaborate just a little….. Please do not name your doctor after anyone, it is important that the doll or image has no real name and therefore no attachment to anything or anyone. Use a name that is a generality, for example Dr Know, or Dr Wise Dr Leap of Faith… that sort of thing. If you have created an image on paper please put the image on a wall in or near your healing space. If you are using a doll or stuffed animal place it in your healing space. I am hopeful you had fun creating your doctor.

Then next thing is think of your self in a more sculptural way. We are made up of a Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual quotients. Actually if you read the book the Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami he suggests that there are 5 different bodies that consciousness creates, I agree there are more than four but for our purposes in the beginning stages of trying to use this new paradigm to create the health we want, we are going to start with these four. I call these four quotients the PIES. So you have your physical body, this is true. This is home where all of your thoughts, senses and subsequently your emotions and your attatchments to these thoughts are manifested. You also have a spiritual side of you that connects you to that which is more than what you are. ( if you are shaking you head right now consider this …. Those stars you see are made up of the same stuff your body is made up of ….. That is not a coincidence ) This is what I learned from my healing process through Crohn’s disease as well as getting through cancer: All of the pieces of the PIES need to be nurtured in order to heal, and rightfully so. The way you process emotions, the way you think about who you are and the life you are currently leading. To heal it is important that you feel connected as a human being to all that is beautiful and good in this world. On a daily basis it is easy to get sucked into all of the ” crazy and stressful stuff ” that can make you feel detached from the good and the beautiful things in life so it is important that you focus everyday on something that is good for you. And then be grateful for the fact that it is in your life. One of the reasons this is important is because from a neuroscience stand point we are hot wired to think negative. ( source material The Buddah’s Brain by Rick Hanson. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to understand how to put your brain to work for you). So by focusing on what is good and nurturing in your life you are acknowledging that not only it exists but that you are happy and grateful that you get to experience it. When I was very sick this was difficult for me to do. Nothing seemed good or nurturing. So I took what I call a small leap of faith and started to say everyday ….”thank you for my blessings”. Well to my surprise,after just a week, I started to notice all sort of things that were very good and nurturing in my life. In fact at the end of the week I had compiled quite a list of blessings. It has to do with you putting your attention on your intention. Here try this ……………focus on the color yellow. Look around find something that is bright yellow. Now say this; “it is my intention to experience the color yellow today “. Do this for a day or even a week by started your day with this intention to experience the color yellow. Think about this intention and then go on with your day.  By doing this you have just raised the likelihood for you to experience the color yellow in all sorts of places that you ordinarily might not notice it was there. This will give you an idea on how a simple intention and the attention to that intention can have a powerful effect on you. With that said, if it has a powerful effect on ” you ” then it will have a powerful effect on your cellular activity that goes on on a daily basis. This is part of the Cellular Conversation that is ongoing between you and your body. The BEAUTY of that statement is that you have more ” SAY” over your health then you might have realized.

The other thing I want to reiterate is that your space should reflect what would be joyful for you. What you are creating is really good medicine for you and by all means use your imagination and ask ” YOUR ” doctor for a prescription that is tailored just for you. You can meditate on the question for a little bit and then let it go, a creative answer will come. By doing this you will enter into the space you have created, this space between the stimulus and the response, so the process of change towards better health for you can start to occur.. Have fun and be aware that this prescription might seem silly at first . You may think of dancing or even singing in the shower. Keep an open mind because upon reflection you may find that ” it’s just what the doctor ordered”. Ha!

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano

referenses: The Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami, The Buddah’s Brain by Rick Hanson., The Courage to Create by Rollo May, The Intention Experiement , The Field by Lynne McTaggart, Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer




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