The Quantum Doctor

Hi everyone,

i have mentioned before about a before about a book called the the Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami. I recommend it so you can understand more about these new paradigms.

ok …… Now that you created your very own ” go to ” space and your very own doctor let’s take this step of awareness further. Do you think all of this is silly? Well then let’s look at what you have really created. Look at that Doctor you created for yourself. Your Doctor you created was born out of your imagination. Your imagination is in the realm of pure potentiality therefor it fits the criteria for being born out of the non- local domain. What we are looking to do is to tap into the wisdom of the non local domain to move our intention of healing into the local domain or what is known as the reality we perceive. So what you really have done …. As silly as it may sound….. Is created your own unique person link to that non local domain…. This link you are calling your ” Doctor”. Your intention is for this link is to bring into your life the wisdom you need to make good choices. I am proposing that to give the non local domain a chance to work with you, you need to create a link to it with intention. When you do this you open up the possibilities of healing to come to you. This is not a pill. You will have to do your part, but with that said you are accessing your own pure potentiality. Your Doctor will be your meditating partner through this experience.

Your space that you created is that space between the stimulate and the response and now in that space you have your very own Doctor that you can co create with. We will be cocreating what we need for ourselves. Please think about how amazing the human body is. From a design standpoint alone it is a magnificent tribute to the kind of intelligence we are aligning ourselves to and co-creating  with. It is important that you understand that you are not a structure but a process in consciousness. What we will be doing here is creating an external environment to support the internal change we are looking for…. A change towards balanced human rythums which in essence is a healthy body. Here will achieve that by tapping into your inherent joy.

Today think of one small thing that if it came to fruition would make you very happy. For those of you that have stomach issues it might be a simple as wanting to go out to eat with a friend once a month. For you who have pain issues, it could be as simple as having a day when you were able to have fun walking around the city.  Once you have thought of your small thing write it down on that sketch pad. Go to your space today and spend at least five minutes there. If you are already practicing meditation, good for you. If not try to just close your eyes for five min and concentrate on your breath. During these five minutes allow yourself to think about this small thing that will make you happy. (If you are very sick like I was just think of having s good day once a week. ) Try to keep your back straight when you sit. If you have to lie down with your back straight. When you think of this small thing during meditation , smile. That’s correct just “smile” when you think about it and then go back to concentrating on your breath. Do this seven times during the five min. Tomorrow I am going to try and walk you through creating an intentional art piece. It is easy for me to do this when someone is physically here … So I will keep it simple . Remember: You do not need to draw in order to create. Don’t forget to experience gratitude in your life today. Be well. Till tomorrow.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And it has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano

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