Accessing Your Creativity

Hi Everyone,

thanx for being here with me.

“Einstien once said something to the effect that we cannot solve our problems from the same state of understanding from which they were created.”

“Freud and young were right when they said that creativity has as much to do with our unconscious, which they defined as the repository of repressed stuff – personal and collective respectively. Quantum physics has given us an even broader picture of the unconscious: as the unmanifest – the realm of possibilities.” Quantum Creativity by Amit Goswami

I will add to this by saying that Carl Jung once said something to the effect that to solve a problem you need to rise above it. By rising above it did he mean higher consciousness? It has been my experience in healing that it takes that ” quantum leap of faith” because you do not have the answers and you must trust that they will come.

When you talk to someone and describing a problem do you use phrases like ‘this stuff always happens to me, or “it’s just my luck, or something like those two sayings?  Next time you hear yourself saying anything like that try ending your thought with” but I am resilient, I am confident that I will find the solution to the problem. Think about it …. If this stuff keeps on happening to you and you survive it, you are resilient, aren’t you? When you claim that you are resilient and confident that you will solve the problem you allow all the possibilities to help you solve the problem. When you trust in that process you open the doors for all sorts of solutions that you hadn’t thought of before, because you have taken a leap of faith and are co-creating with a higher consciousness or intelligence that you have and have access to. You are inviting all the things that you haven’t thought of to come and tap you on the shoulder. Some people might say;”but that’s not true, that’s not my experience “- well it seems to me that if you keep validating your old experience that’s what your going to get. So here in this new healing space you are creating, you learn to break the cycle and take the leap of faith. In this instance, you are believing in you and your ability to find a solution to your problem. You are now open and paying attention to see what you are cocreating.

The other thing is you need to trust that you are worthy of this experience, because for no other reason then “you are”.

So accessing your creativity is not limited to a canvas or pencil and paper…. Though we will be using that too. Creativity is a mindset. Being creative in thinking is using your imagination to begin to solve your problems. Imagination is the precursor to accessing creativity. Do yourself a favor right now … Start thinking that your worldview is the lens in which you view the world. Take a really good look at what you say and what you do. Do what you do and what you say really reflect your heart? If not don’t worry, you just need to shift your thinking, and it just takes practice. When you come to the realization that there really is an abundant universe you will understand that that intelligence wants the best for you. You want the best for you … Your already both on the same page.

Today I am going to ask you to write down your favorite quote in that sketchbook. Something that indpires you every time you read it…. Take your time, neatly write it out because you are going to frame it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just legible. If you have any second hand stores you can look for frames there. If this person said something that inspires you, then you are already cocreating with that energy from that quote. You should use it to help you heal by placing it in your special space.

I will be blogging Mon – Fri I have decided  five days a week is good. It allows time to heal and reflect. Till tomorrow.

Donna Marchesano art4wellness




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