Paying Attention

Wellcome everyone,

That small thing that will make you happy, did you choose what it will be? For whatever that is, it will be your choice of intention for your first intentional art piece.

i am sure you are all sort of getting an idea where this is going. The reasoning is to raise your awareness. You have created your own space ….. In that space you have decorated it with all sorts of treasures that reflect your color preferences and things that inspire you. Then you created your Doctor which is your guide and a link to your imaging your health. Again it is a reflection of you and your sense of humor and playfulness. Let me be the first one to take a leap of faith…..

I wrote this saying years ago when I was trying to grasp this new awareness I seemed to have after healing from Crohn’s Disease. At the same time I also did that portrait that is at the top.

” Try taking a leap of faith to raise awareness, having trouble taking that leap ? Try letting your faith leap first.

I started to do this blog …. For me it is my faith leaping first…..into this new paradigm in an effort try to raise awareness about something I experienced after I did what I was told by every gastroenterologist I knew, was impossible.  Well guess what …. It is kinda fun to do the impossible. And that’s what is even odder that I had fun while I went through this process. Of course there was also the disease in place at that time but I stopped suffering with it. At the time I realized I didn’t have a choice to be in pain but it was a choice to suffer with it. And because of something Dr Jeffry Arron told me I would not have thought that it was even possible for the disease to disappear. So actually there are now at least two of us who have done it, are Crohn’s free. And since then, I think all the questions I had on how it happened to come about are answered in this new paradigm of health. That we are not structures but processes in consciousness and for me to heal it took a shift in my process of consciousness to be on the other side of disease. I am asking you to pay attention to what you say and do…. Don’t be critical that is just your ego, I am asking you to compassionately, lovingly, kindly look at what you say and do and wether there is anything that you think you would like to be better at when communicating with others.  Next be aware of everything around you….  At this stage change hasn’t occurred yet because it is just being realized as a probability. When ideas of possibilities come allow them  grow and to be nurtured. Day dream little and nhave fun with it. Step slightly out of your comfort zone and talk to someone that you may not ordinarily converse with. Please listen to that person … Because what you are doing here is opening your inner eye to see through its lens instead of your body’s physical eyes. That eye needs to be open especially to start to see how who you are has shaped you. Remember in all your cells you carry your memories of every smile and every frown. Not to mention all of your conditioned responses to experiences that are stored. If the brain is hot wired to be negative then you might be holding on to unwanted memories from those experiences. See here is where we can get creative and have a creative response to this situation. Now, In this space between the stimulus:the experience :and your cells stored response, you can now intervene. You intervene by cultivating love for yourself and others….. Kindness for yourself and others  …. Forgiveness  for yourself and others……. Compassion for yourself and others…. Empathy and equinimity yourself and others and  Joy……. For yourself and for others. That is the one that I found to be very important… Joy. When taken to heart these attributes carry great power ……. Not force but real personal power. It has been my experience that these types of attributes hold cellular power also. Perhaps it is in the cellular memory of the experience, I do not know. I was unable to start my healing process without adjusting those attributes mentioned as well as others. And rightfully so …. I just said why …… Because it was “my healing Process “that changed my cells from the inside out and I believe doing the physical art work heals from the outside in. I believe you need to establish that balance if you want to tackle  any disease on a cellular level. There is a bonus though….. With creating art it also gives a non local perspective that is from the inside out and the outside in. For it is your own piece of artwork that will give you both perspectives and that is what you want you will want to see everyday.

Paying attention requires you to really look at things and experiences in your life. Paying attention gives you the opportunity to be in the space between the stimulus and the response and make the changes you need to make. Then the experiences that you hold on to will be the ones that you really want.

Donna Marchesano art4wellness


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