Intention Art

Hi everyone,

i am glad you are here with me again. I thought long and breezy about how to instruct you to come up with an Intentional art piece. The easiest thing for me to instruct via blog would be in paper and crayons or color pencils. So I am going to ask you to pick up a box of crayons or colored pencils. Do not spend a lot of money. If you are already creating artwork then please be my guest and use whatever you want with the exception of oil paint. I I am going to assume that you have never created before so we are going to start with the basics.

The instructions for the art piece will start on next Monday as to give everyone the time to get the materials. Which are going to be an 81/2″ x 11″ piece of paper and a box of crayons and or colored pencils. Yes the classes that I teach here in SF are in tissue paper acrylic and gel but that might to complicated without an instructor with you, so my thinking is simple is best. The paper would be best if you can find one that is more like card stock, thick. You can probably get a couple of sheets from Staple’s or Kinko’s if there is no art store nearby. Get a couple of sheets … For our first time doing this I think you should stick with white paper. The next thing you will need is a frame. I chose 81/2″ x 11″ thinking that would be the easiest for you to frame. When at Staples look for a document frame or see if you can get one on line. Michaels is also a good go to place.

Now all you need to do is shchedule the time to do it. You should give yourself one hour. I find that most of my clients have the most problem with this part. Hello everybody ……  It is an investment in your cellular health. As much as scheduling time for the gym and or yoga. Swap this for one of those. If there is friend you can sit down with and do this with all the better. Ask a friend to create with you ….. You’ll have fun if you choose to have fun with it. Remember creating something that is uniquely you is a joyful experience so don’t get all serious about it. We will be focusing on a depiction of your intention using line, color and form. That’s all …. There’s no analyzation ….. This time you will be free to create just to ” create”. Your own spontaneity will be your guide. We will be using the beautiful colors of nature on our palate. We will be creating a magnificent sunset. I am thinking that all of you have seen one and can draw upon that amazing memory to aid you in your depiction. By all means start getting inspired by looking at pics of a sunset but better yet go experience a sunset before you do your project so you have a fresh cellular memory to draw upon. Take that sketchbook with you if you like and put down your thoughts about what you are seeing. It will make the connections that much stronger. Let me leave you with Rollo May’s writings on the creative process from the book The Courage to Create…… ” Artists encounter the landscape they propose to paint- they look at it, observe it from this angle and that. They are, as we say, absorbed in it.” ( that’s what I call “look look”.

For many years we have used art therapy for patients with mental illnesses. Art therapists are very skilled in working with patients in the use of analyzation to help them in their recovery. This is different …. We will not be using our intentional art piece for the purpose of breaking it down to analyze it to find the answers. In fact the only thing you will do is place it in ” your space” so you can see it everyday.

Why is it important to schedule this time to cocreate.  The answer is simple. When immersed in the creative process you are purely in the moment. Creating art helps us to experience these moments of consciousness as undivided from its possibilities. It allows you to express all of that which makes up you. So relax… The time has come when medicine doesn’t have to come with a disclaimer.

The picture at the top is called my Re: Mission canvas. I painted it four months before going into full cure from Crohn’s disease. I thought of only remission but my intention was for the result to be better than I could possibly imagine so I know it came from a higher source. That higher source came up with the best possible scenario ….. And I am very blessed to be able to share the experience with you.

Donna Marchesano

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