Go Out and Play

Hi Everyone,

i am so glad you can join me again. Thank you for being here. Do you remember the movie …… It’s a Beautiful Mind…. About the mathemetician. If you do you will appreciate this point of his personal story. He worked and worked on his problem in his room for …. I don’t know maybe months…. But his ” beautiful ah ha ” moment came when he was at the bar kicking back with his friends. That’s when all the mathematics he was trying to prove came to him while looking at the possibilities that were there for him and his friends. The importance of play: it facilitates the law of detachment ….. When you are having fun and laughing you are not thinking about your ailments and or your pain…. You became ” beautifully ” detached …. This law of detachment opens up the possibilities for the law of attraction. When you are having fun you are also living in the moment. Who among you wants to look at your watch or the time when you are having fun? So all you adults out there start remembering what is like to have fun….. If you have a chronic illness or pain you will have to remind yourself often. I certainly had to … Many times a day in the beginning until I was able to start to kick start my inner inherent joy again. We all have it, that inner joy. Take your mind to remembering what makes you laugh and what do you enjoy, what do YOU love. We are looking to experience nurturing for the cellular memory that all of our conscious bodies want: our PIES. Our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual quotients. It’s your allowance that is hooked into the co in cocreating. It is you aligning with the Source of all that exists and playing in its celestial realms …, to wax poetically. It is you being playful and nurturing for you to you. The nurses at St Mary’s tried to get me to consider working with children while I was in the infusion center getting Chemo…. They said … “Wow you would be so good at it. ” my response to them was ” Children already get it , but it’s the adults that have forgotten and need to be reminded of the wisdom seeing through the eyes of a child that play can bring. Adults should not be separated from play but should embrace it again as a Source for healing. Our ability to play is a gift from that Source and when nurtured reaps many many rewards. As always one needs to play responsibly and consider whatever is needed to have an enjoyable experience.

So go out and Play. When you are out there playing, grab a leaf off a tree or hedge, or bring back a small stone. When you get home find a cup or can or anything that will hold many leafs or stones. This is you bringing a piece of that experience from the outside in. Place the cup in your  healing space, as symbols of elements used to traverse that bridge of consciousness. Remember consciousness is the bridge between the local and non local domains. Or simply put what you currently have and what you really want. In this blog we use the creative process in consciousness to traverse that bridge. I have found the best articles to bring back from outside have been from any natural Source. From a tree, or a flower, or a plant, or a stone…. You get the idea.

I suggest that you collect something natural from the outside every time you have an enjoyable experience. Start collecting tangible examples of the cellular memories you intend to experience. We are looking to experiencing our health as more tangible that our illness.

by all means …. Remind yourself that it is your ” beautiful allowance” that is in that cup of can … And every time you place your allowance into that cup or can you have just made a deposit for your future health and well being. This is an excellent way of starting to create a well being, YOU.

Donna Marchesano art4wellness.com

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