The Art of You

Hi everyone,

thank you for joining me in making an intention art piece by using the art of intention to color your sunset.

“It takes along time to become young” Pablo Picasso

I picked the sunset because I thought that not only would it be easy for you to do but also because there is water and subsequent ly the reflection of the sunset on the water. Spontaneity is key here and don’t worry you won’t mess up.

Take your paper and deside wether you want a horizontal or vertical orientation. . Now you will need something to make a half circle if you are not confident you can draw one freehand.  I think it is more to your advantage if you draw freehand ….. If the half circle isn’t perfect that’s great ….. It will look better in the end. Look at the paper and find the middle of it, one half of its size. Once you have noticed where that is, draw a horizontal line from edge to edge leaving a half inch of paper on both edges. So the line doesn’t reach the edge of the paper. Then in the center of that line draw a half circle sitting above the horizontal line. After you have done this you should have a simplified depiction of a sunset and technically also a sunrise. But for our purposes here we want the colors that a sunset yields. Now draw at least 4 clouds in pencil ….. But only the bottom of the clouds. Isn’t it interesting that in order for us to see a magnificent sunset there needs to be clouds. Have some fun and think of a beautiful, awe inspiring, amazing sunset, its colors and the joy you had when you were in the right place at the right time to catch that amazing event. As you picture the colors of this sunset picture those colors as the colors of downward causation coming to you. ( the words Downward Causation are used to explain the movement from non local domain; pure potentiality to the local domain; your reality). So smile and relax. Place your intention on the back of the paper . Once done, then flip the paper over and place the intention on the bottom half of the paper …..  under the line… Do it in pencil….. And do it lightly ……you can also leave a border of paper around your image or color out to the edge …. It’s up to you.

Now relax …. Put on some music….. Grab  the images you collected, the crayons or colored pencils and take out the very warm colors …. Yellows, oranges … Reds …. Color in the half circle in yellow, then take the darker yellow or orange color and LIGHTLY go over the edges of the half circle , now our sun, is yellow with an orange hue. Now take the yellow and reflect it on the water right under the sun. Take the blues out now …. Take your midrange blue and then color the sky up to the bottom of the clouds and the water. Go over your intention with that blue color. Take the deeper blue and or purple and make horizontal almost straight squiggly lines on the water to suggest a calm ocean. Yes you are going over your intention …. That is as it should be. Remember your intention is also on the back. Now start putting your colors in the sky and remember that those colors get reflected onto the water…….Now you should have a reasonable start of a depiction of a sunset. At this point you can follow me or use an image or do what ever you like. I now would suggest coloring in the bottom of the clouds with yellow and then reflecting it on to the water. Hint: there is no wrong or right way of doing this. This is you having fun and being carefree….. Whatever you do! Look at the images that you collected that best represent the sunset you want or do it from a memory of a great sunset or better yet use your imagination. I have chosen to use my imagination for this intention piece.

Take a look at the colors that you have. What ones do you want to use. If it is red, think about where the red is in this sunset, where was the purple, was there more yellow reflected in the sky and orange. Think about it ….. because every time you put the color red in the sky above the line you are going to then, directly under the line place the same color equal above the line and below the line. In other words if the red is two inches above the line make it also two inches below. You are reflecting the red from the sky onto the water. Keep doing this … Until it feels right to you and stop….. Take the yellow color crayon or pencil and draw a small star in the sky. This to remind you that even though the sun has lit up the sky , the stars in your sky are still there even though they are not visible. Sign your name at the bottom and date it. (traditional is bottom right hand corner) Take your piece and place it in a frame and put it on a wall in your healing space.

Thats it ….. I wound up using crayons on water color paper. Haven’t use crayons since I was a kid. Picasso is right when he said ” it takes a long time to become young” . I came across this underlined in a book from Deepak Chopra, The Spontsneous Fullfillment of Desire and the thought came to share.

“Of course, the best way to have all your intentions realized is to align your intentions  with cosmic intent, to create harmony between what you intend and what the universe intends for you. ( I’m going to interject here …. It took me along time to realize that what the universe intends for me is better than I can possibly imagine. That made a big difference on how I saw and felt my experiences) Once that congruence comes into being, you’ll find that synchronicity takes on a larger role in your life. The best way to create harmony is by nurturing an attitude of simple gratitude. Acknowledge your gratitude for everything in your life. Give thanks for your place in the cosmos and for the opportunity you have to further the destiny we all share. Part of creating harmony involves abandoning grievances of all kinds. Grievances come from the ego. Animals don’t have any problems with grudges or grievances. It’s only among us human beings that intention is so often encumbered by all sorts of emotional baggage. You must let that all go in order to create a pure intention. ”

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano


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