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Hi Everyone, wonderful to be with you. You have now created your intention in line, color and form. How about that.

Think about what you cocreated yesterday ….. A portal perhaps to experience clear sailing after that beautiful sunset yesterday? Ahhhh now that’s a Great thought isn’t it …… So keep that thought in mind every time you see the sunset YOU Created for you. Think about the fact that if Creation hadn’t provided the sunset, you would not have been able to picture it. You and Creation then cocreated your sunset.

At this time, on this healing journey, I am not a novice…..thankfully …or I wouldn’t be confident I could help you cocreate change for the better. Remember, in Intenional Art there is no analyzation because the cellular conversation we are having is at a higher concousness level than our audible conversations. The cellular conversation you had with yourself yesterday is in the language of the cosmos. It is the language of creation. Think about it, we are the only species on this planet that create. Therefore, we are the only species on this planet that can consciously tap into that wisdom of creation itself. And how do we that ? Well it’s simple …… You create. You use the wisdom of your creative process to create the cellular memory your consciousness in mind, body, spirit and heart want. That is the goal here. Not only health changes, but you get what’s called a paradigm shift and your perspective changes. During my first experience of healing and working with art, I had an “ah ha” moment that caused a significant paradigm shift.  I then came to realize that possession is not 9/10ths of the law in healing but perception is.

You and I can be in the same room and something could happen that is out of the norm. If we share accounts of what happened, you and I may not have seen the same things. In fact our accounts of the experience could be very different. If you take the same drug I take….. we may not have the same effects and therefor the same experience in healing. So when we heal it really isn’t the drug that does the healing, it’s you. It’s all of the you’s that make you you that did the healing. How about that….! It is you that can align yourself with your higher consciousness that really does run all the functions that allow you to be alive. Someone once said you don’t take care of your body, it takes care of you. In my experience that is really true. Intentional Art is a way to connect to your personal cellular conversation….. It is better than any cell phone that you can buy.

Drugs, herbs, etc. help us but ultimately it is our own power to heal that heals us. Where does this power come from I asked? I read and read and then read some more; from my understanding that power comes from the non local domain. So how did I access this power when I healed from Crohn’s disease ? …… According to the experts in the fields of study in quantum physics, neuroscience and consciousness, it is our own consciousness that is the bridge between the non local ( pure potentiality ) and local ( what has collapsed into reality) domains. So if that’s the bridge ….. What traverses the bridge? It has been my experience that cocreating with intention on a regular basis gave me the ability to have that conversation with my cells for cure.  I know of a fellow that healed himself of severe heart problems by doodling on postits. I saw on KQED one night, a woman who painted her way out of such severe vertigo she couldn’t climb the stairs in her own house. There have been numerous accounts of people healing after writing a book or living out their passions or desires.

We are part of this beautiful and miraculas universe, we are not seperate, on the contrary we are connected in ways that are not based in just what we see but how we process what we see through our experiences and our feelings that go with those moments. How you see the world is how your cells see the world. Being immersed in the creative process allows you to be in the moment, express your creativity, be one with creation during the creative process, and with a pure intention join in on the conversation with your cells. When you co-create with intention you connect to your bodies intelligence and that my friends forges a powerful ally in your journey towards wellness.

Now what do you do? Nothing. Isn’t it great….. It is out of your hands now and off to the higher conscious domain. Now it’s ” look mom, no hands “. Other than to be patient and pay attention, there really is nothing for you to do but appreciate your work. The cellular conversation happens with out you thinking about it, just like breathing. That is why I had you put in the star. It represents the power of the cosmos, the power of creation. That which isn’t even. Even though you can not see it during the day, it’s still there and is working with you and through you. Don’t forget to appreciate your playful sense of color or lines in your artwork. How big was your sun ?…… I couldn’t believe how big mine was in proportion to the scene …I laughed … It seemed funny to me. What colors did you use? Did you decide to throw caution to the wind and make the whole scene green instead of blue…. Good for you. What matters is that you connected with the Source of all that healing intelligence that lies within you …… You dialed on your cocreation cell phone and said “Hello”.

Here’s to creating great days

Donna Marchesano

Some people have been asking about the art work I do and the cost. The scene at the top is a pictorial of the SF bay ….”Clear Sailing” 8″x 10″ acrylic on canvas $200.00

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