Healing in Motion

Hi everyone, great being here. Yep ….. GREAT BEING HERE. I am sitting in the sun outside St Mary’s hospital in their little veranda waiting for my PT appointment. Here is my progress ….. So far. I used my cane for the initial bus ride but it is now put away in my backpack. Not bad … so I feeling that this journey is doable for me, and that i am encouraged. I  was out and about last night getting a walk in and running errands. I walked into the Vitamin Shoppe to pick up an herb I think will help with enemia when Irene, the sales associate there, greeted me. Happy New Year etc. She knew I had hip joint replacement surgery, and saw me fully recovered, but what she didn’t know is that I once again I was experiencing pain, only this time it was my knee. So here I was again …. Having trouble walking. She suggested I try serrepeptase which has been known to help some people. She had commented how serendipitous it was that I walked in that evening because she had just read the testimonials of this product. I have been taking Knox gelatin ( I was told that it was an old Chinese remedy) and the over the counter Move Free, glucosamine, chondroitin, and msn. As well as one dose of Ibrupofin. The Ibrupofin I know works but the others well maybe 20%. So I decided to try this product serrepeptase and I will let you know how it goes. Today is the first day taking it.

In the meantime, at this moment I am experiencing little pain so I am off to Golden Gate park to absorb as much “Green” color as I can and grab a leaf off a tree to bring home with me. Don’t forget to do this …. It is very important. When you do this you bring home your experience home with you but you do something more. You enable the opposite to be in play. You open the doors for the experience of your healing space to be with you when you are outside. You will see that the experience of bringing the outside in will start working for bringing the inside ( your healing space ) out with you. Your healing space is a reflection of them”private” you. You will notice if you walk down a path in a park where you have gotten a leaf before and put it in your space, your memory of that event bring you back to your healing space while you are outside. Cultivate the feeling of wellness in your space and it will be translated when you are out and about. Cultivate the feeling of being connected with everything on the planet and you it will be translated when you in your personal space. Have fun with it and relax and know that you are nurturing yourself for wellness.

I would like to now talk about that serendipity of yesterday night at the Vitamine Shoppe ( by the way you can get it cheaper on line at Amazon). I now pay attention to any experience in my life that is a coincidence. I agree with Deepak Chopra, because it has also been my experience that coincidences are messages from the non local domain ( cosmos, universe, God Consciousness, Source, whatever works for you ) is orchestrating on my behalf. So I pay attention to those coincidences and really look at the situation surrounding them. There is a wonderful book by Deepak that describes the anatomy of a coincidence, I recommend reading. It is called … The Spontaneous Fillfilment of Desire,  In the back of the book are seven sutras that I have been reading everyday for the last five years. I feel that have aided me in many many ways. I highly recommend using them.

I am going to quote Amit Goswami again from his new book Quantum Creativity “Einstein said, there are two ways to look at life. One as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle. When we are completely stuck in ego, nothing is a miracle. But when we take creative leaps with the quantum self, everything is a miracle.

So look at everything like its a miracle today…… And watch how miracles will be attracted to you….. Tomorrow I will talk about the importance of cultivating gratitude and a couple of other things.

Creating Great Days

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