Healing With Gratitude

Hi Everyone,

thanx for being here today. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of having gratitude for the wonderful things in your life. This morning I had a biopsy from a sore that wouldn’t heal on my face.  I allowed the biopsy to see wether it is cancer, but I am not sure I am going to go the traditional route if it’s found out to be more than just a sore. This was a surprise ….believe me and I was confronted with the decision to do the biopsy on my face and had to make s good decision for me fast.  That is troublesome, because it is hard to make good decisions under that kind of duress. I had ten minutes to say yes or nay. But thankfully I have been through the mindset of the AMA about cancer before and I know now I can now take my time with any more major decisions.

Thankfully, I have so much to be grateful for because I have been cultivating gratitude for such a long time. I have come such a long way in my life. This is not life threatening, and I am grateful for that. I am just starting to contribute the knowledge that I have learned, and I am extremely grateful for that. There is still so much that can be done to create a better world for all of us. So I sit again on the veranda at StMary’s Hospital …. But today, I feel different than yesterday, even though challenged, I feel strong and stable like a mountain and flex able like the wind. I know I am connected to everything that is and I have faith in the healing power that reigns within me, and that power in which I can cocreate with. I am confident that things will work out. I know, if I align myself with the source of all that exists I will be fine. It is with that power I have a say in how my mind, body, spirit and heart see this challenge snd therefore process it.

Silly me …… And I thought my body just had to heal my joints…. Haaaa. Nope, looks like it’s got to heal this sore on my face also.

When you are challenged like this it is hard to feel grateful when you feel disconnected from the Source of all that is. So today I will reconnect and reinforce that I am connected to this beautiful healing power that reigns within me and all around me. I have seen so many times how much this Source Consciousness wants the best for me ….. Co-creating better than I possibly can imagine.  How many times have I seen this power at work in me and around me ?? Hundreds of times ….. How can I help but be grateful for my ability to see all the wonderful things that I can celebrate in my life ….even at this time.

Because of this unusual circumstance that today has brought to me I am going to make this blog short and sweet.

The painting at the top is called  “Gratitude”. It is a painting depicting a woman on the edge of a hot tub sitting in a spa smelling roses. The message it do not forget to appreciate that which has been given to you. It was done in watercolor on canvas…. $650.00

Be grateful as soon as you wake in the morning. Look at everything like its a miracle…….. Do you know why? Because if you really “look look ” at it ….. It really is.

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano art4wellness.com

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