“Being Love”

Hi Everyone, I am really resting today and trying to acknowledge the idea that I may have to deal with cancer again. At this time waiting for your biopsy results, I find its a prudent time to see what your options are and address”what is this that your dealing with” questions. And then ….. LET IT GO. Do meditation, art, yoga or whatever,for you, allows you to be in a place of calm and peaceful thoughts. Relax……. As a good friend reminded me ….., it’s a good time to rest and rejuvenate all of the beautiful aspects of your being. Remind yourself to stop fearing death or dying and start embracing living. A Franciscan monk once said something to this effect; I am not a human being having a spiritual experience , I am a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. …… I have always loved this saying and now I would add … I am a conscious spiritual being immersed in a human experience.

On Sunday, I hope everyone decides to be a conscious spiritual being immersed in the human experience of “being love”. Wow wouldn’t it be great if we celebrated ” love” for a whole week or even a month!

The art in heart to me is the act of ” being love”. Love is not only a noun but also a verb.  Love-the feeling-is the fruit of love the verb. So love as much as you can. Sacrifice for it. Listen to it. Empathize it. Appreciate it. Affirm it. Know that it is a beautiful gift to be able to “be love”. One well worth giving.

” The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.” Pascal

Happy Valentines Weekend

Donna Marchesano. Art4wellness.com

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