The Space Between

Good Afternoon,

Your healing space…… Your space between your stimulus and your response is the space where change for the better occurs , it is a space to savor the moments and be completely in those moments. Today I am nurturing myself in my space. This a place I “go to” to gain strength and recover. The space itself becomes a form of active meditation because you are experiencing it in real time. I highly recommend meditation in your space. If you are not well it is important that you nurture yourself in this space. I have been taking serrepeptase for under a week. Last week I did quite well taking it …. This morning I added the herb mixture Berberine. The serrepeptase is for the joints and the Betberine is for the cancer. For the latter, just in case,  I am taking it so there will be no more cancer cell activity. Perhaps it will even reverse by the time of surgery. Berberine is also used for joint pain….. Seemed like something to try. I should know more at the end of this week wether I will continue serrepeptase. I am getting mixed results from serrepeptase. Last week was great, the last two days not so good. So we will see…. On that note …… This is a healing day for me so I will make this short. If you have pain all the time like I do at this time it is important  that you have a place where you can go… A place where your process of consciousness is nurturing on a sculptural level. A place where you can be the goddess of victory you know you are. Know that this state of illness is a temporary state of imbalance and the healthy cellular memory you seek will be returned to its natural state of balance. It is here in my space that It is easy for me to understand deeply that this is true. A place where I reconnect with the healing power that reigns within.

If the results come back positive then I will probably go through a MOHs procedure, but until that time I am going to take this time to nurture myself, tap into my wisdom within, and muster up some “inherent joy”.

Create a great day

Donna Marchesano

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