Serrapeptase, …?

Hi there everyone,

thank you for joining me on my journey to optimum health. Today I am going to fill you in on my experience over the last week with serrapeptase. Remember we are all different so my experience may not be the same as yours. I started serrapeptase early last week. The first couple of days was wonderful. I took it with the over the counter supplement called “move free”. ( I had been on Move Free already for over a month.)

Yesterday I noticed pain throughout my vein system in my legs. (After Chemo and the drugs I used for Crohn’s disease my veins took a beating.) The pain was so severe I could barely walk without hugging the walls of buildings to get back home. The veins in my legs were on fire and I wound up with a lymphedema flare up. Needless to say I stopped taking it. Even if that didn’t happen, there were other side effects that were troublesome. I do not have blood pressure issues but my sinuses were effected and do was my chest and veins in my neck. I found that it was to strong for me….. So there you have it. I am disappointed that it didn’t work for my joint pain as a maintenance supplement. What did I do to get myself back to a better state today? Food! There really is nothing better than good nutrition. Made a special soup and got plenty of water and rest. I should be fine by tomorrow. I also went deep within my healing space to open the channels to see if I could calmly align myself with the wisdom that lies within me. I just align at this point….. I do not think….. Just align. Now today I let go and see what I become attracted to at the grocery store. I pay attention.

I am still going to look and try things as they come about. With that said I will be trying an herb next. It is called Berberine. I will keep you posted on how that is working for me. I have readjusted my  eating habits once again to see if I can drop some weight which at this point is very necessary. I have been able to stop gaining weight, but have not yet found a combination of foods that work for me to get to a balanced weight for me. I might conscider Dr Rohas’s Hot Bellie diet once more. That seemed more right to me than anything I have tried before.

i will leave you with a quote from the book “Consciousness became the Universe” by a collaboration of a dozen authors ( not kidding).

“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” Reality, it seems, shifts according to the observer’s conscious intent.

I am off to the grocery store to observe nature exposed to my method of questioning. How do I attain my goal of healthy cellular memory and keep it?

Create a great day

Donna Marchesano

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