Letting Go To Know

Hi Everyone,

i am glad to share this time with you. Learning to let go was very difficult for me. (I do not know if it’s the same for you) until I really felt that I was a part of something that was so amazing and beautiful, loving and nurturing. For instance right now I am waiting for a call to come in about my biopsy. The best thing I can do for myself would be to get out of my own way by letting go. At this point I have learned to let go and have faith that I have aligned myself with the source of all that exists, a higher consciousness, or what is known as the non local domain. By taking this step I am actually cocreating by doing this: i am initiating the law of detachment, evoking the law of attraction and it takes that leap of faith to do it. What do I really  have faith in …. The best possible solutions will be made available to me.  So by letting go you are allowing room for something better to come to you. And you pay attention and what do you see????It does, that something better comes.

I use this in all facets of my life because it keeps me aligned and cocreating with divine energy. ( a source with unlimited capacity to see what is best for me).

Here is another example: At this time I am looking for a roommate. I am out having a cup of tea and relaxing…. At least one question came to me that I need to ask one of the potential roommates. What has  happened is that there are two very good people for me and my space. ( this is also my work space where I create my art so for me it is very important that I have the right personality.  One wants to take the apartment yesterday and the other wants me to wait until Sunday. What do I do? If I wait I run the risk of loosing the one that is running out of time and needing to secure a place immediately, understandable. The other person wanted to complete her appointments and then make a decision on Sunday. Totally understandable for I think my place was the first place she saw. So what do I do…..? I chose to contact both individuals and let them know that I was in the process of making a decision. And now my job is to let the problem go. Why do I have so much ” faith” that the right person will be in my apartment. Because of this. All three of us really want the same thing. We want to find the best possible scenario that will fit us. ( so what you really have here is three likeminded individuals looking for the right outcome). I may know what that is for me but I can not know fully what it is for the other two. So I let go and let the amazing power of this beautiful Source that is orchestrating on our behaves to co create with me and for them the best possible solution. What I used to do in the past is jump in and not allow a space to be before making a decision, not realizing that I may be effecting the outcome not in all of our favors. But these days ( if it’s possible), I find, after paying attention for many years, that it is better for everyone, ( if it is my decision to make) to allow this down time to occur and let go. This gives that beautiful Source that is always there and always nurturing to me and the people around me the time to speak to me. My job is to let go and listen.

So the next time you have to make an important decision, give yourself a universal break, and truly ” let go” and see if answers become more apparent for you. So the ” letting go” is extremely important for all those wonderful experience you have yet to encounter to come your way. It is a wonderful way for you to listen ( allowing the Source you are aligned with and cocreating with to speak ) and by paying attention you are actively listening to what that Higher Consciousness has to say. Doing this you are actively co-creating by allowing a conversation to occur. ( it takes speaking and listening to have a conversation). Extremely important to understand this also allows a cellular conversation to occur. Please, Learn to sharpen your instincts for they are there to guide you on your journey. Practice ” letting go ” often and start to work those muscles that can help you be free to experience your greatest intentions.

From a health stand point ….Remember you are a process in consciousness so it will take a process in consciousness to initiate the change for the better you intend. Tomorrow I will repost the new paradigm in health. I have it on my wall so I see it everyday. It is a challenging concept because if you are like me you have been conditioned to think that we have no say about our health in mind, body, spirit, and heart. That we were delt certain cards and that’s the only hand we have. That is not true. I and many other people have proved that is not the case. What we are doing here is gathering all the cards that you thought you were missing from your hand and giving you back the full deck.

Creating great days,

Donna Marchesano art4wellness.com

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