Freeing Cancer

I have always believed that when one starts a project one should really start with the end in mind. In my healing space of level 540 I already have freedom from experiencing any cellular memory of all cancer or arthritis.  I am just waiting for the rest of my world to catch up to me. It shouldn’t take long at all. Meanwhile I will document the process as it happens.

In honor of me undertaking this journey for the next three weeks I thought it would be prudent to reread this new paradigm so I try to understand even further and continue to shift my vision away from old paradigms.

“Your body is not a structure, it is a process in consciousness.”

It really is very different way of looking at myself then what I was led to believe I should look at it. … Also I need to remind myself that I am awake and aware of the conspiracy of improbabilities. That this healing is not only possible but has been done before many times by many people.

” think of the ocean…. Then think of somebody photographing one wave thinking that the photograph is the ocean. It is a frozen moment of attention…that’s what the body is.
All those waves that go up and down on the surface of the ocean …that is what the mind is, but neither is reality, the reality is the ocean itself. The reality is the ocean which is always there and it creates this mind form and expresses itself as a body..etc.
The essential you, your real essence is a field of awareness that interacts with its own self and then becomes both mind and body. In other are basically consciousness which then conceives, governs and constructs, and then actually becomes the mind and the body. ”
Deepak Chopra

Thanks Mr Chopra for helping me with this understanding that has giving me a voice to what I have already experienced.

So what is up to me….. Just sit and meditate… Well that might be good for some people but for me I have trouble sitting that long, 2 hrs a day is what I will do.  I will use meditation but I am also using being immersed in the creative process ( imagery included) as well as changing my diet and taking supplements to help this along.

Now let me tell you what I am taking…. Vitamin C and NAC( N-Acetyl – L – Cystine). A lot of vitamin C ( ester c ) from natural sources as well as supplements.D3 and Super K ( life extension). One K for every  10,000D3. My D3 levels are good right now about 90…. 

i have also stopped taking Ibruptofin and “move free” and started taking arnica and using the cream …. I’ll let you know if that works.

Diet :  these are the list of foods and the percentage of people who have healed from cancer using these foods.

Broccoli 84.5 Leeks 84.5 Cauliflower 84.5 Onions 84.5 Legumes 84.5 Carrots 84.5 Brussels sprouts 84.5 Beet roots 82.5 Squash 82.5 Apples 81.5 Pears 81.5 Apricots 77.0 Whole grain cereals 75.0 Cantaloupe 73.5 Grapes 73.0 Tomatoes 72.5 Lentils 69.0 Grapefruit juice (freshly made) 58.0 Alfalfa and other sprouted seeds 57.5 Orange juice (freshly made) 57.0 Apple juice (freshly made) 57.0 Grape juice (freshly made) 55.00 Tomato juice (freshly made) 55.0 Carrot juice (freshly made) 53.5 Green leaf juice (freshly made) 51.5 Liver 46.5 Raisins 46.5 Almonds 32.0 Pineapples 26.0 Cottage cheese 24.5 Buttermilk (churned, not cultured) 24.5 Eggs 24.5 Wheatgrass 22.0 Yogurt 21.0 Olive oil 20.5 Sunflower seeds 19.5 Barley grass 18.5 Avocados 18.5 Kefir 16.5 Garlic 14.0 Flax oil 7.5 Miso 4.5 Tamari 2.0, olive oil 20.5 Sunflower seeds 19.5 Barley grass 18.5 Avocados 18.5 Kefir 16.5 Garlic 14.0 Flax oil 7.5 Miso 4.5 Tamari 2.0 (Taken with permission from Foster, H.D. “Lifestyle changes and the ‘spontaneous’ regression of cancer: an initial computer analysis.” International Journal of Biosocial Research. 10(1):17-33, 1988.ken with permission from Foster, H.D.

i will concentrate on using food as medicine so I am going to draw from the top of this list Mostly for the next three weeks.

All and all I am going to jump in with both feet. More info came to me today to stay away from oil ( all oil) and eggs I think I will follow that also. I hope I am successful because I would finally witness for myself the amazing ability the bodies intelligence has for directing me to do my part in this cocreating a cancer free Donna. This time I get to experience being cancer free naturally.

I will take a before picture today and post it at the end so it as to see the visible difference.

Donna Marchesano  art4wellness.comr



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