Food as Medicine

well hello everyone, what an amazing set of events have been put into play. Thank you for being here with me.

To start…. I talked to my deramatologist yesterday to try to get a better understanding of the MOEs proceedure ( microscopic surgical removal of skin cells)and the likely hood of having reconstructive surgery. Some scary thoughts when you realize that this might take place in the middle of my face. During this conversation I asked ” by the way, what type of cancer do I have?” And he said” I don’t know” I said ” huh” he then said something to this effect. ” the findings were inconclusive, the pathology report did not pin point to any type of cancer, just that the tissue is abnormal and suspect ( to them) and the recommendation is to remove it. ”

Well to me this changes everything. I feel in 24 hrs I just went from 100% to 50% of moving towards a cure. It is not cancer just appears to be “suspicious”. So I said to myself …. Ok what is the best thing for me  to do now?  This is what I came up with. If this sore does not heal before the surgery date then I will get the surgery. I don’t think it is safe nor do I want to walk around with an open wound on my face. But if the wound heals then I will not have the surgery. Remember that the criteria for doing the biopsy in the first place  was that I had a wound that didn’t heal. For me then, if it heals then the tissue is fine. I intend to help this process along by using food as medicine.

Check this out … Talk about synchronicity. My instincts yesterday morning moved me to include garlic( in pill form) to the Berberine.( I am not sure how to eat garlic without it effecting me in a harsh manner so I had the garlic supplements but never really took it.) The day before a good friend of mine sent me some links she thought I needed to see. So yesterday afternoon I set time aside to relax and view them. This is the link if you go there you will find some wonderful information ( check out the video for #1 cancer fighting vegetable and you will see why I my instincts to add garlic to my regimen is so important ( thumbs up to our instincts, I added it before seeing the video and that is the essence of cocreating). It made me feel very confident that I am in “the  healing zone ” and I have a good chance of cocreating the experience for the outcome I really want to have. No surgery. So I am excited I am already fifty percent there….. Now to use food as medicine and get some additional help from supplements  and immersing myself in the creative process even further… It is time for me to  create a healing canvas oh yes a healing piece of art work for the occasion … If nothing else to connect to that wonderful creative side that lies within every one of us.

so all and all this is going very well … Even my imaginary quantum Doctor Who agrees.  One of those links my friend sent me was also by a Dr John McDougall. In his presentation he said this …. I found it to be very poinient “Food is one of the most intimate contact we have with our environment”, when I reflected on this it was very true…. It is and that is why if you have an auto-immune disorder or any chronic illness you need to get in touch with food ….even if you have had cancer or going through what I am going through now you need to reexamine what you eat as well as how you process it. I have completely been amazed at what I have learned in the last 24 hrs and I am glad I am able to share it with you. Food can be your ally not your enemy….. At least if it is whole food it is.

Cresting Great Days

Donna Marchesano


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