the “healing zone”

hi everyone glad to see you again.

If you were able to access the website and looked in the first paragraph( #1cancer fighting vegetable)  for the link to the video describing the different vegetables and their cancer fighting capabilities  you now know that the  #1 fighting cancer vegetable is ” garlic”. If you go to the video you will get a wonderful understanding on how to use food as medicine.

Anothrr amazing video that came my way is this one by Dr McDougall.

Then add on in URL health/education/videos/free-electures/diet-in-the-prevention-and-treatment-of-common-cancers/    Or scroll down on that page to ” What’s New”

i am sorry I can not link you directly from here.

He discusses the issues that arise from going in for early detection screening as well as brings up the science behind one of the now known tumor producer in the body…. Olive oil. How about that. Olive

So now I am armed with what foods to eat and what foods not to eat.

By the way I would like you to know that the sore has been healing. The other thing that I am hoping for as a natural result of using food as medicine is to loose the extra weight I am carting around which will alieviate some of the pain I am experiencing in my joints and possibly even more than just the joints.

Just FYI … I am using GSE diluted ( seven drops per 8oz) for cleansing my face and then vitamin E directly on the wound; then I cover it to keep it moist. I alternate using GSE one day in my water and the next day Cellfood ( oxygenating drops). I have decided for today to cut down on the amount of supplemental vitamin C and have manderine oranges instead. I am still taking milk thistle, Berberine, Garlicin, (enteric coated garlic suplements) NAC, vitaminD3, and vitamin K ( superK), zinc and I like to take spiralina instead of Vitamine A. Through the generosity of a friend I now have a progesterone cream and the supplement ubiquinol ( expensive) for this month to try and move a rapid healing response. It is usually used with green tea extract for remission of cancer. This may be true but I am thinking that drinking the tea itself may be overall more beneficial then just taking the extract…..  Plus it’s getting to be a lot of pills….. I’ll let you know if it is added.

I am moving pain free today which is wonderful, especially after physical therapy this morning. The sore is healing…..I had a wonderful lunch with a dear friend this afternoon. We went to Mandalay on Cal and 6th ave and had some of the best salads I have ever eaten. I am going to sketch out what my next canvas is going to be …. And plan to do what I call stretch/dancing. Today is a very good day.

Well why is that the case? I feel it has to do with my intention that I used in my sunset. My intention is to experience the cellular memory of wellness that my consciousness in mind and body form really want. So what really has been happening …. Well it seems to me that I  am getting the information to make good choices, I am getting what I need to move that intention into reality. It seems pretty real today and it fits my criteria of making me smile ( all the cells in my body are smiling). Plus my healing space is expanding now to include my food my kitchen table, my stove, refrigerator and any other table I sit at to experience food for healing. Therefor every time I sit down to eat now my intention has now moved to what I am putting inside me to help heal me. Dr McDougall is right. Food is one the most intimate connection we have to our invite meant …… Because we physically ingest it. If you want to heal from disease you need to understand that you are not only intimately connected to your environment through food but also through the experience that surrounds your consumption of that food. I had an amazing experience at lunch with my friend. The love for my friend, the conversation, the food, the environment, the presentation all were interacting at a cellular level …. All beautifully orchestrating to make me feel even more well than I did this morning. All participating in what I call a cellular conversation…… What better doctor can you possibly have. So what has my imaginary doctor ordered as a per riptide for me….. It seems overall that food will be a major part of my prescription for it intimately allows me to take my allowance from a divine nurturing source and turn it into the reality that will nurture my intention into being. I love it because I get to participate ….. I get to cocreate….. I get to see the results of cocreating with the intelligence of natural foods.

Well I learned a lot this week so far and I am only half way through.  I thought I was eating the right foods….. I was pretty close but the vegetable oil study was a surprise to me, I feel more confident now that I can use food as medicine and enjoy the experience at the same time…… Works for me.

What are the other ways to nurture the many facets of our being body, mind, spirit and heart. Food is only one of those intimacies, being immersed in the creative process is also one and meditation is another. I will leave you with a quote from a book Spontaneous Fulfilment of Desire by Deepak Chopra ( one of the best books I have read. I have used the sutras in the back every day for the last five years.

“The world is like a Rotschach blot that we convert into a world of material objects through synchronization orchestrated by intent. The world before it is observed and the nervous system before the desire or intent to observe something both exist in dynamic ( constantly changing ), non linear chaotic field of activities in a state of non- equilibrium ( unstable activity). Intent synchronistically organizes these highly variable, seemingly chaotic and unrelated activities in a non local universe into a highly ordered, self organizing, dynamic system that manifests simultaneously as an observed world and a nervous system through which that world is being observed. However, intent is responsible for more than the cognition and perseption. All learning, remembering, reasoning, drawing of references, and motor activity are preceded by intent. Intent is the very basis of creation.”

Creating Great Days,

Donna Marchesano





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