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Hi everyone…. W e l c o m e

ok here it is …. After all my recent research, even though it is a shocker, hands down it seems to be a dietary across the board …. Vegetable oils are out of the diet if you are trying to cure disease. The only exception so far is, ( on the Gerson Diet which is now recommended by the national cancer society), drum roll please… Flax seed oil. It seems among all of the research that was done for the Gerdon Therapy Diet and the current lectures by Dr McDougsll and others is that if you are going to cure disease you need to stop cooking and using all vegetable based oils. This is still a surprise to me as I am sure it is to you too. So needless to say I will stop the consumption of all oil for the next months and see what the results are. talk about an experiment in real time for a time sensitive issue.

I want to tell you how I am feeling. First I had a wonderful day yesterday. I was moving really well and my energy level was very high, but……. My stomach was upset.

For Vitamin C

It seems that you have to ease into taking higher doses of vitamin C. Either by 500 mgs a day or a 1000 mgs a day. And you can not just stop taking it you have to back off of it just the same or else you run the risk of stomach upset.


well I did more research on Cellfood. Though it seems like a good idea, cancer hates oxygen so give it oxygen, that doesn’t quite work like that. Sloan Ketering cancer center claimed they saw no benefit to patients and they thought the scidnce behind the product was unsubstantiated.

I tried the green tea extract today for the first time with the ubiquinol and so far I am not feeling as well as I did yesterday. In fact I am writing this laying down in bed late in the morning. I felt better when I woke up. I love green tea but ….. Not sure the extract I’d for me.

Garlic and Turmeric

now we know that garlic is the number one cancer fighter ….. Does that mean that products like Garlicin will work the same? Well, I will tell you a story that was told  to me by a reputable Ayurveda Doctor. He works at a major hospital in India treating post post chemo patients for over thirty years.  If you did not know in Ayurveda medicine they use food as medicine and have been prescribing food for about 4000 – 5000 years. To me they have been intentionally abserving the effects of food on the body longer  than anyone on the planet including Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM). I was very privalidged to be the guinea pig years ago when he was teaching a class at the Ayurveda school here in Northern California. He not only spent two and a half hours abserving my body on many different levels but also asked me at least fifty questions. I still follow most of his recommendations today. During that class he told a story about a fellow from the US that came to the hospital in India where he practiced. This man wanted to sell him the supplement Curcumin which is the extract of turmeric. The doctor told him something to this effect…… . ” What makes turmeric so effective is its ability to interact with aiding the body in healing. It does it with the aid of  all the foods in which it is prepared with. You can not just take a molecule out of turmeric and expect that molecule to interact as if it was turmeric. He dismissed him and sent him on his way. Now I have done a little research on this today and according to what I have read there seems to be good evidence that supports curcumin as well as turmeric as a cancer fighter. But my instincts ( or maybe because it might be right for me, ) is that turmeric would be better to take and more than that easier to absorb and digest than the extract. It is also a known anti inflammatory as well as an antidepressant. I have been using it for years ….. Unfortunately always with olive oil…… I am now going to use it without the oil to see how I do. I might even go to Vitamin Shoppe and get turmeric in capsules to  insure I can get it in my diet in the morning.

well time to get up off this bed and get some work done.

Oh I do want to keep you posted…. I did get a new roommate, but it wound up being neither one of the two women I spoke about. I took a chance that Saturday after the supposed diagnosis and contacted one other person. She seemed to be in the right place at the right time ….. We signed the agreement on Tuesday. So I have my new roommate. I am grateful so now I can concentrate on healing,

Thr other thing that happened is I got a letter from the woman I talked to originally at the dermatologist’s office. She staes in the letter ” per our conversation of your  diagnosis for Squamish Cell Carcenoma… Etc …. Well that is why I thought the pathology report came back positive not inconclusive. She is the one who scheduled me for surgery. I am looking forward to my conversation with her today.  Be well everyone , I hope in some small way my blogging my journey is helping you. That is my intention.

Cresting Great Days

Donna Marchesano

Painting above is

Pear with Blur Flowers   Acrylic on canvas

8″ x 10″.    $300.00

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